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Artem Boldizsár aka Legit Trip, is a man on the rise. A native of Moscow, he’s since fled to Budapest as a result of the war, and by all accounts it’s a move that looks to be paying healthy dividends. A proponent of clued-up minimal and house sounds, he counts the likes of Moscow’s infamous Gazgolder as a huge influence, whereas his music is beginning to find favour with some of the scene’s best-known discerning electronic music acts. With releases to follow soon on the likes of Jack’s House (as well as his own label, Svoboda), we caught up with him for a quick chat recently to talk influences, future plans and the idea behind his label… 

Let’s start by talking to you about summer. How’s it been for you now that things are back to normality a bit?

Since I’ve moved country of residence and am waiting for my documents, I have been living in Hungary for the past while. I try to work more in music from morning to evening and I’m using this time to further develop my music skills. 

Can you please start a bit by telling us a bit about how you got into electronic music in the first place? What parties and DJs influenced you when you were starting out?

I started writing music a very long time ago as a child. Then for a long time I played hip-hop and r&b until around 2015. But at the same time I always went to underground clubs, then I got a fiance (who is now an ex!) and I decided to leave hip-hop music and started writing music professionally. Then, at the beginning of 2016, it all started. If we’re talking about influential clubs, then probably the Gazgolder in Moscow has influenced me the most. 

What was the Moscow scene like back then and how influential was it to you? It always seems to me that they favour quite Rominimal sounds over there – is this true?

It’s true; the Moscow scene has influenced me a lot. But when I started playing in Moscow clubs, it changed my production a little, which I didn’t really like.

Back to that question for a bit – but how would you describe the music you play and like? Do you have a particular style?

My style is probably best summed up as house but with minimal elements. If I see that people want to have fun I try to give it to them, I never prepare for sets in such a direct sense. I have a bunch of music that I constantly update, so I just come to the club and try to make people scream. After all, they’ve come to the club to see my DJ, not to see me produce, although I do of course sometimes play my own tracks in my sets. 

Where does your alias, Legit Trip, come from?

I used to play games like Dota and Counter Strike semi-professionally and I had the nickname Trip. So I decided that I didn’t use anything and it would be legit! 

Is there one person you really looked up to in this regard who’s made a huge impression on you?

In 2012 it was Mihai Popoviciu – ‘The Point’, a track I still play sometimes. But most of all, of course, Apollonia. 

You’ve been DJing for a while now but what do you consider your ‘big break’? Was it expected? Or is it still to come do you feel?

I think a lot is still ahead, I’m still young and I have a lot of ambition. Time will tell! 

Do you challenge yourself and set yourself goals in that regard? Musically, what would you really love to achieve over anything else?

I challenge myself a lot; I’ve stopped drinking and started running. And now every evening I try to devote time to music. Covid knocked me out, but I gotta catch up. The main thing I want to achieve is respect all over the world as a producer. 

How much of a struggle has establishing yourself been in music? Is it a full-time thing for you these days?

I think many people in underground house music already know my name. But I’m constantly working on it now. As I said above, Covid didn’t help, but I’m catching up now a lot! 

Tell us a bit about your label, Svoboda. What does it stand for? And what have been the highlights so far?

Svoboda means ‘freedom’ For me, my label, with my label there are no restrictions, meaning I try to release music which makes you smile! We as a label are all about soul and art. No matter who you are, as long as you dedicate yourself to art, this is a platform for you to express yourself.

Is there a particular ethos or sound that causes through all your releases? Or do you try and keep things quite diverse?

House music, maybe a little minimal house. I love soul music too.  

You also run events under the label banner. Can you talk us through some of your favourites so far? What made them so memorable?

Honestly, we were supposed to have a big party on April 9th, but because of the war we cancelled it! Right now our showcases are only held in Budapest. Because I can’t leave the territory of Hungary yet. So watch this space! 

What do you prefer – running the label or the parties? I guess both come with their own stresses too?

I think creating parties is always stressful for me. You enjoy them, but they’re never easy either. 

If you could introduce your sound in just a few tracks, what would you choose and why?

This is my soul!

Aside from music, what’s been keeping you busy over the last while? 

Sports. I am also studying online now and am also learning Hungarian. 

Musically, what are you most excited about over the next while?

I don’t even know, I just try to do what I like. But I’m really looking forward to my release on Jack’s House records. It will be a great track with vocals by Starving Yet Full ex. Azari & III, track name – My Body, My rules!

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