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Mont Lake records has been on our radar for some time, chiefly because they adhere to a tried-and-tested way of working: namely releasing quality music but always opting for quality over quantity. In other words, their releases are always worth checking out. As the label prepares for its fifth birthday, their latest pair of releases are no exception. This time about, label head Miguel has tapped up a bunch of excellent (and it must be noted, not the ‘obvious;’ names) to provide some killer tunes for Five Years Mont Lake Records VA Part 1 & Part 2. Featuring music from the likes of Tripmastaz, Iron Curtis, DJ Chupacabra and Mias Void, it was nonetheless Alexander Wirth’s music that really caught our ear here, with his ‘Right Place’ arguably the standout track from the two records. A man whose been involved in music for some time, we caught up with the Austrian native and long-time industry professional to see what’s what as we also tapped him up for a mix and a premiere of the aforementioned Right Place…

You’ve been involved with electronic music since the last 90s. How would you describe the vibe and the scene in that era? Do you think you look back on it with rose-tinted glasses? Was it really a lot better than it is right now do you think

Hi everyone, I started deejaying and turntablism with Hip Hop in the late 90’s. This era was great, of course a special vibe to me. It was not as overloaded as it is nowadays. But for me, music is a progress and is always changing and evolving like time in space.

At what stage did you begin to take it seriously? What parties, labels, collectives etc influenced you back then?

My good old friend and label partner Florian Scheiben introduced me to techno and house Music in 2002 with Raves from Provinz Music and the Dachkantine Club in Zürich.

Who were your influences back then?

Influences: Rawkus Records, Rhythm and Sound, Ninja Tunes, Driftwood Records, Perlon, Basic Channel, Slowhouse, Agnes, Dj Krush, Dj Shadow, Maurizio and many more …

Although you’ve been active for some time, it’s only in the last few years that you’ve began to release music. What took you so long? Was it the case that you doubted your abilities? Or more a case that you’re very particular about what you release?

Since 2007 I’ve been producing beats and making music. In 2012 we founded our label Leap Records and in 2015 our sublabel First Music.

Can you tell us a bit about your relationship with the Mont Lake label? You’ve just released a couple of stunning deep house tracks for the label’s latest VA, which celebrates the label’s five years. How did you first come into contact with the guys?

Miguel of Mont Lake Records is an old friend of mine, I think we have known each other from parties for more than 20 years now. And yes, connections or relationships are for sure an important part in this game.

You’ve got Tripmastaz remixing your originals. Are you generally apprehensive when others remix your work? And equally, how do you approach a remix? Do you think it’s important you adore the original? 

Tripmastaz did a very good job with the Remixes, especially the A2 on the new Mont Lake Record! It’s always interesting and important to collaborate with other artists.

Can you tell us a bit about your own label, Leap Records?Is there ever a temptation to keep your own music for this label?

Leap Records is kind of my signature for my music vibe. It’s cool to have your own label with your own style without boundaries. You can find our catalogue on Discogs or at 

Talk to us a bit about your role in the Austrian scene and in particular your work at the Tante Emma club…

The Austrian scene is very small but has grown very well in the last few years. Tante Emma is like our living room with high quality vinyl culture and very nice people. Maybe Emma influences a lot of heads here.

Have you ever considered moving abroad for music? Or do you see it as your responsibility to big up your local scene?

I was in Berlin and Vienna for some years, it’s always important to gather a lot of inspiration and experience from any direction.

Have you had many international guests come play at Emma Club? 

In Tante Emma Club we had a lot of international underground artists since its opening 10 years ago. My job is to do some of the artist’s booking and I love to play there, sometimes it can go up to 8 hour set. The resident DJ’s and crew members are very good friends and do a great job. It’s a family thing!

What did you get up to during the pandemic?

My last releases on Ovum Recordings or Merkwürdig Records as well as Mont Lake have grown in Covid times, where we were all forced to stay home. I think it was good for artists to retreat a bit and be more creative.

What else have you got coming up that you’re excited about?

I also produced my third Album, it’s a jazzy Downtempo Album with old friends like Mono:Massive, Smokey Joe and Dj Sight. You can find it under the title: Gutter Tales – Volume One. Peace! Alex 

Keep up with Alex Leap on Bandcamp, Spotify and Soundcloud and with Leap Records at 

Five Years Mont Lake Records VA Part 1 & Part 2 is out now and features music by Alexander Wirth and remixes by Tripmastaz. Buy/listen to the release on   

Five Years Mont Lake Records VA Part  is out September and features music remixes by Iron Curts and originals by DJ Chupacabra and Mias Void. Buy/listen to the release on 

For further information on Mont Lake Records, check here

We also invited Alexander to be our guest in the podcast.You can listen the set below.

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