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Restless imagination. Challenging his audience to make huge leaps into understanding new acoustic universes that bind to no rules. Yet, from neoclassical pianoist Mischa Blanos’ strange yet somehow addictive musical self expression one thing comes up strong to define his complex personality: a long lasting love affair with electronic music.

It was a matter of time until his fingers, trained in classical piano from early childhood, slid onto the synths’ and modulators’ knobs. Still breathing jazz influences, Mischa’s live performances are nothing but colorful immersions into the now, bringing the classical piano closer to our elecronic hearts into a more familiar dimension.
Amorf is the new collaborative effort between Mischa Blanos on one side and Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia on the other side. Running the seminal Amphia Records and performing around Europe as the SIT live act, the 2 romanian electronic artists have also embraced the more edgy facet of house & techno, sharing jazz and classical music affinities as their common background.

Meant to shape Mischa’s liquid piano stories into dancefloor memories, Amorf creates the sonic framework, carefully built by Cristi and Vlad around intricate percussions and minimalistic loops, taming the piano strings to follow the wild tempo, sometimes lush & deep, other times harsh & raw but at every given moment inducing the audience into a dreamy state of mind.

Amphia Records celebrate their 20th release with “Shattered Glass”, a new EP from Amorf.

The first track, “Glass”, debuts with a subtle piano motif that sets the mood, paving the way for a wide array of musical instruments to come into play. Throughout its steady development, rich modular sounds, rhythmical bass sequences, and synthesizer lead sounds can be easily discerned. A pivotal point of the track is its middle part, defined by the intertwining of a second rhodes motif and a distorted synth lead. Going full circle the track ends with a similar motif. “Shattered” is mostly based on improvisation and spur of the moment ideas. Quirky break beats and dense textural pads blend together to create an exciting pattern that immerses you further into the soundscape. The arrangement is a bit more straightforward and, because of that, the track’s dynamics keep you invested from beginning to end.

We know you always want to hear more so here is a recorded live set by Amorf.

Here are few links where you can listen a preview and buy the new EP:




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