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Bross continues to establish a new house-focussed direction for his sound with the release of his new two-track EP Renaissance.

Bross is one of the most vital electronic artists from the vibrant Romanian music scene. Scoring Beatport No.1’s with La Caminata on All Day I Dream and Trubadour on Amulanga, he established himself with deep, organic, melodic releases, before switching his sound up to become more house-focussed at the start of 2022. Co-founder of the Deep House Bucharest community and an in-demand touring DJ, Bross lives and breathes house music like few others.

Last month Bross released the patient and deeply atmospheric No More Games – a Bandcamp exclusive that saw him move further towards the house sound that will characterise his music in 2023 and beyond. December now sees the first full release of this new era, the two-track Renaissance landing on his own Trubadour Records.

Hi Bross, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Let’s start by talking about your history in electronic music. How did it all start for you?

Hi! Thank you for having me.  It all started when I was 14, in my hometown. My older cousin, who was MC at that time, got me interested in playing music. Soon after I found a DJ who introduced me to the basics.

Later, when I was around 23, I’d already moved to Bucharest and started taking it more seriously. Then, together with a bunch of friends, we began our project called Deep House Bucharest. It’s still alive today, and through it we have created a community, gathering friends and music lovers while supporting local artists and bringing international DJs as well.

Tell us about the scene in Bucharest? How much has it changed in the time you’ve been involved in the scene?

Nowadays I see more interest from the club and venue owners in the electronic music artists, from deep to afro, tech and minimal. I think we are on a good path with this. The only thing still missing is the artist management.

We read that you spend a lot of time listening to music online, digging into Youtube for inspiration. Do you think that artists enjoy a wider range of influences now that so much music is available at the click of a button, and if so do you think this benefits the scene overall?

It’s a good thing to be able to listen to whatever music you want and like and to have it available so quickly. I think it depends on each artist’s preferred way of getting inspired.

As a side note, I also get vintage vinyls or old tapes. In addition to getting inspired, I like to find hidden gems.

You’re going through a bit of a transition as an artist – why did you think the time was right for a change?

For a long time during Covid we stayed at home and I related more with the organic house sound and frequencies. Once we got out again and there were no more limitations, I felt that people began wanting and having more energy on the dancefloor. I also wanted a bit more groove, so I just went with the flow.

Tell us about your new Renaissance EP… were there any specific influences behind this one?

I have been working on this EP for almost a year, trying to define the new sound for my productions. I got inspired by Luciano’s tracks from 10-15 years ago. I was thinking about the crowd on the dance floor while I was producing.

How much do you think about your audience when producing music?

When I’m in the creative mode, I just concentrate on that, to create the melodies and the groove. After I switch to mixing I always think about the audience, asking myself where and when I can play the track. When I was producing my last EP Renaissance I was thinking about my audience having a great time in a club.

Do you think experimentation and reinvention are essential qualities to maintain longevity in an artistic career?

I do believe that, in time, artists need to adapt their sound to be relevant in the market. At the same time it is important to have a signature, to be different from the others. I think longevity comes when doing both.

Do you feel like you have any specific strengths when it comes to production? Or on the flip side thing there you’d really like to improve a certain skill or technique? 

I think consistency is key. If you practice daily, then you can master it at some point. I am working daily to improve my knowledge, but if there would be something on which I would like to focus more on,  it would be on music theory.

Do you consider yourself ambitious? Do you have an ultimate goal you work towards as an artist?

I like to think I am an ambitious guy, as I learned most of the things by myself. I also like to plan events in different places in the country. This way I keep my community close. The ultimate goal would be to start touring a never ending tour and living only from producing and playing music.

How do you predict your music will continue to evolve over the coming months and years?

I think house music is making a comeback and it will go on top again. Hopefully more people will appreciate it and start producing quality music.

Anything specific we should be looking out for from you in 2023?

Currently focusing on some new music that I’ll be releasing on my label Trubadour. I’m also working on a small live act with a good friend.

Final words for our readers…?

Go out more and support your local artists. They are the ones that keep the local scene alive.

Check out Bross’ latest release here

Keep up with Bross on Instagram here

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