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A new electronic music club opens in Barcelona with a capacity of 400 people. Offering a more intimate space, Les Enfants Brillants has been initiated to accommodate the artists from the underground electronic scene.

Despite the fact that recent years have been devastating for nightlife, cancelling thousands of festivals around the world and forcing many venues to close in a permanent way, some projects have put all their efforts into rebuilding the sector and recovering what we have missed so much. One of them is Les Enfants Brillants which, rising from the ashes of the club scene in crisis, was born to welcome electronics enthusiasts to its dance floor for the first time.

Located in the heart of Barcelona, the new club boasts a unique and timeless space, as well as immersive light installations and a state-of-the-art sound system. “With the opening of Les Enfants Brillants we want to provide a different club experience in every way and create an atmosphere in which partygoers feels comfortable, while immersing themselves in a world of hedonism in which they can enjoy of good music every week”, explains Álex Molina, Head of Artistic Booking and Manager of the club.

The club will open its doors on weekends with a musical program that will host local talent and iconic names from the underground scene as well as international artists, promoters and collectives. For the first opening month, Les Enfants Brillants has a jaw-dropping line-up where you can enjoy versatile DJ sets by the likes of Ferro, Traumer, Javier Carballo and Josh Baker.

Those in charge of putting on music for the opening weekend on April 16th and 17th are Ferro and Traumer, two of the most respected names on the current electronic scene. On Saturday, the Dutch producer and owner of the renowned VBX label will bring his percussive yet organic and warm sound based on analog hardware to the club.

The second day of the club’s inauguration will be led by Traumer the following day, one of the leading artists of the French minimal scene, who in his sets highlights his versatility and where he alternates genres mixing soft productions and more ecstatic tracks.

In addition to their opening communication, they have already announced their special program for the OFFWeek celebration week, in which they will bring a very complete line-up together with promoters such as the French record label Yoyaku, the Manchester’s music and arts collective Animal Crossing and 803 Crystal Grooves Cinthie’s imprint.

The club has a sound system configured by 12 L-Acoustics speakers and 6 subwoofers designed specifically for each space that will quickly position the club in terms of sound. The lighting is designed ad hoc for each space of the club, helping the experience to be 360 at every moment of the night. With the walls painted in red in the main room accompanied by a lighting montage that will help to completely tint the place, the feeling of being in a parallel world will be created throughout the 6 hours that the session will last.

The second space that the club has is the cocktail bar which, contrasting with the red of the main one, its dark green walls create the ideal atmosphere to enjoy a complete cocktail menu designed by Daniel Arévalo, one of the most renowned bartenders of our country.

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