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Iconic Spanish collective Birdsmakingmachine have long been revered in discerning circles. Though they keep their own identity fairly hidden (they do acknowledge online that they’re ‘a collective of wandering artists interested in music, design and of course, birds’), the music tends to speak for itself—and has been championed by some of the scene’s most-respected acts. 

For the label’s 11th release, which coincides with the 10th anniversary of the label’s BMM series they go down a more funky and psychedelic path than they’re maybe used to, but crucially, the results are no less emphatic. Our pick of the lot is Ornital; a meandering, looping track that’s sure to warm the crowd up nicely. Away from ‘Ornital’, the release encompasses other sounds too, with everything from ravey cuts (‘The Haze’) to more acid-led tracks (‘Tunahio) included.

Music aside, the label’s adherence to brilliant artwork is also on full display, with Yoshi Sislay delivering a colourful interpretation that’s in keeping with the vibes on show. Then there’s the vinyl, which is released in a unique transparent blue. A killer release that ticks many boxes, BMM’s latest is proof again that they’ve lost none of their magic. 

Keep up with Birdsmakingmachine on Instagram, Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

We’ve premiered Birdsmakingmachine’s ‘Ornital’, which you can listen to here

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