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Blind Vision is a London based label ran by Peruvian born artist Alejo Galvez. Its minimal tech offerings have been a huge part of the scene as they have just celebrated their 5 years anniversary – celebrating it with a 3 part V/A compilation. We spoke to Alejo recently to talk about the past 5 years, and what plans he has for the label in the future…

Hey Alejo, how are you, how has the year been?

Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! I have been very busy, the end of this year is looking much better than the beginning that’s for sure!

Your label Blind Vision Records just celebrated its five year anniversary, congrats on the achievement – can you remember why you started it, and how hard it was to get it off the ground?

Thank you! I wanted to help friends that were doing some dope beats at that time and so I created the label to give them a platform on digital and vinyl and help them push their sound as I wanted everyone to listen! It hasn’t been easy as I didn’t know as many people I do now so I had to basically build everything from the ground and on my OWN but I have met some amazing people who helped me create the brand we have now.

Can you remember the first release you put out, how it went, what the process was like?

Juliche Hernandez was the first vinyl only release with a remix from a very young (at that time) Nick Beringer. It went down super well, we had some nice support from BBC Radio 1 I remember and we sold out the 300 copies in about a month I think. That gave me the confidence to push forward.

What is the ethos of the label, what music do you look to release?

It’s got to have soul and the track needs to make me dance. I don’t follow the trends, I always try to keep in the house, deep kind of vibes and everything in between.

How do you judge success, what makes you content with every release – feedback, big dj support, sales?

I love seeing my records on the 1st spot on the charts at I won’t lie, and so far all 18 Blind Vision Dubs have been there (this is our sister label).

What have been the highlights of the last five years of running the label? Any particular moments that really stand out for you?

When we did our 10th release on vinyl by Julenn that for me felt great as I never thought we would manage to do so many (currently on 25th record to come out!)

Which releases are you most proud of? Any that really stand out?

I can’t tell you one specific release because I like them all but we had some cool beats coming out from Konov a new guy from Bulgaria which will make a lot of noise. Odette and a very special record which will come out with my favourite tracks from back in the day.

How has the sound of the label changed in the five years do you think? And what affected that if it has?

I believe the sound has always been the same, groovy, deep, sexy house music!

What are you doing to mark the five year anniversary?

A tattoo!!! A party in london in December and a compilation with tracks from my all time favourite artists, Grant Dell, Jay Tripwire, Fred Everything & Silverlining – WATCH THIS SPACE!

What have you got coming up/what are you working on?

Got a few releases pressing already, music by Olly Vanc, Miguel Seabra, Rupert Ellis, Odette, Sebbe – WATCH THIS SPACE!

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