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DASCO is undoubtedly a lady on the rise. The Berlin-based DJ/producer has hit a rich vein of form of late, with her party-starting cuts signalling a fine start to life for her Bisexuality Exists imprint. As if to emphasise her potent streak, she now emerges on Bristol’s ever-influential Shall Not Fade with an EP that’s brimming with dancefloor energy and uplifting messages.

Entitled ‘Powerful Woman’, the EP celebrates the producer’s femininity, and acts as a reminder for people the world over to “stay confident, focused and remember that everything is possible and to never give up”. “We shouldn’t let anything distract us from our goals and ambitions. continues DASCO, “Remember; we are much stronger than we think!”

An acid-laced uptempo cut that’s primed for peak-time ‘floors, it showcases the more ‘techno’ side of the producer’s arsenal with some panache. Indeed, ‘Powerful Woman’ is nothing if not suitably named: relentless and full of vigour, it draws on the producer’s own experiences; with a core message that acts like a rallying call to females, transgender, bigender and non-binary individuals in electronic music. “Some people won’t take you seriously because of your gender”, says DASCO. “They think you’re not talented and that you’ve nothing to offer – aside from the pictures on your social media. ‘Powerful Woman’ is a reminder that this is most definitely not the case!”

‘Acid Queen’ follows a similar musical mood, but this time the producer imbues it with a keen dose of fun courtesy of her own spoken-word vocal contribution. Catchy and trippy, this is infectious electronic music that moves with an unavoidable swagger.

On the flip come two killer remixes, the first of which arrives Johannes Volk, who turns in a deep and uplifting interpretation of ‘Powerful Woman’. Laced with emotion throughout, this one brings it all the way back to the ‘90s, with its emotive core proving a nice counterbalance to what’s arrived previously. Closing out the record is Sean Hernandez under his Chicago Skyway alias. A long-time favourite of in-the-know collectors, his remix of the title track holds onto the essence of the original but showcases its own euphoric soundscapes throughout.

A quality-laden affair, DASCO’s latest showcases the producer at her best: uncompromising, captivating, political – and as always, pointed firmly in the direction of the dancefloor.

Pre-order Powerful Woman here

Keep up with DASCO on Bandcamp here

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