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Coming in hot after Roni Amitai’s Voices EP back in May, SATYA continues seducing us with its midsummer arrival: Misla by Dejan Dex. With four original tracks, Dejan takes SATYA in an entirely different direction, making July an even more electrifying month. Accompanied with four conceptual music videos directed by Pakistani filmmaker Sherry Shaheryar Malik, each piece comes to life with abstract symbolic imagery and moving landscape portraits that can be traced from Dejan’s sonic storytelling.

I love nature, books and good movies. That’s where I dig for ideas mostly. “Misla” means “А thought” in Macedonian. I named it like that because when I sum up all the tracks (which are produced across different periods), it felt like each production was and is its own thought relating to its time of creation.” – Dejan Dex.

Hailing from the heart of Macedonia, Dejan aka Dejan Dex aka De Yan is a longtime music lover who shares a passion for the general concept of how sounds work in harmony with each other. Being the other half of music duo Son Kota, he finds utmost freedom in music production and has a personal desire to create many different styles. Having released music through several aliases, Dejan’s artistic creativity is also shared under HAUZ and Pirka.

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Keep up with SATYA on Soundcloud, Facebook , Bandcamp and Instagram

Keep up with Dejan Dex on Soundcloud, Facebook , Spotify and Instagram

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