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By way of NYC, Berlin and before that Moscow, vinyl only techno DJ, producer and record label owner Mary Yuzovskaya has been cultivating her unique orbit in the electronic dance music firmament for over 15 years.

Mary has been busily traveling the world and performing her unique take on techno music’s deeper vibes at many noted clubs and parties across the world, including Arma 17, Basement (NY), Berghain/Panorama Bar, Compound (LA), Distillery (Leipzig), Kablys (Vilnus), OHM (Berlin), Output (Brooklyn), Propaganda (Moscow), and Tresor, to name only a few. Mary’s productions are released on such labels as Semantica, System Revival as well as her own Monday Off imprint.

We are glad to have Mary on board for our next edition of Nightclubber Podcast.You can also listen her mix on our Soundcloud and Youtube while you read the interview below.

Hi Mary, welcome to Nightclubber.Do you remember the first rave you went to? Who was playing? And what was it about it that left such a lasting impression with you?

I remember my first rave very well. It’s a good story actually, gather around.  At the tender age of 13 I was sent to my first rave by my mom, believe it or not. At that time I was quite vocal about my desire to become a DJ “when I grow up”. My mom had a colleague who’s nephew was a trance DJ and somehow they decided to ask him if he’d be keen to have me accompany him to one of his gigs. Surprisingly, he agreed to take me, an absolute child, with him to one of his parties that he was throwing together with his friends. I was super excited to get to see not just the party itself but also to be involved in the preparations (the rave was quite DIY). I helped with decorations, carried the neon lamps to the venue and even helped a bit at the door. It was an exhausting and overwhelming night, but also a very cool way to get introduced to the club culture. I believe the most inspiring thing about that experience was an opportunity to see what’s going on behind the curtains of the nightlife.

Given that my mom packed me sandwiches for that soirée extraordinaire, she did not have a clear idea of where she was sending me to. Also, she was usually incredibly strict and the fact that she pretty much arranged my first rave (keep in mind, that I was also gone for 24 hours, which was otherwise not allowed when I was growing up), is a true glitch in the parenting matrix, so I’m eternally grateful it all happened like that.

Mary Yuzovskaya by Marie Staggat

How do you find most of your music? Where do you source it? 
Online record shops like Decks, also Discogs, sometimes SoundCloud… the physical record stores – sadly not as often.

Do you place an importance on finding new music? Or is it more just whatever moves you? 
As long as I like the record, its release date is irrelevant, but I have a sweet spot for everything new and shiny, so I pay close attention to the latest releases and get upset if there’s currently not much to buy. 

What’s your favourite record of yours that you feel maybe didn’t get the props it deserved when it came out? Why is it your favourite? And why do you feel it flew under the radar a bit?

It’s difficult for me to judge which records did well and which didn’t as I don’t have the access to their sales reports and I don’t always know what other people play… Nothing specific comes to mind. My taste is on the weirder side, I assume, but I believe all my favourite releases sooner or later found their well deserved admirers.

Do you have a favourite remix of all time? 

Impossible to pick just one, but I will use this opportunity to mention the remix Blazej Malinowski made for my track “Sleeping B” as an example of a perfect remix. He created a truly wonderful rework that sounds just like him, while keeping the personality of the original. Check it out here

Can you tell us a bit about a track you wish you had never played? 
I don’t recall a track that would disappoint me in such a way!

What’s the most treasured piece of vinyl you own? Can you tell us a bit about how you procured it? And what makes it so special to you? 

My favorite records are the ones my husband (artist name Xhato) gifts me. He secretly stalks my opened Discogs tabs, and always gets me the records I’ve been chasing the most. Every time comes off as a surprise, so cute! 

Finally, Imagine I was giving you a £50 voucher for Juno today. What would you buy? 

Probably something recently released that I haven’t purchased yet, like:
1. VIELS – Gone Supremacies – Analog Section

2. ANECHOICGeosynchronous OrbitConcrete LTD

3. DANIEL IDiluviumKizen

4. Anthony LINELLDissolution ProcessNorthern Electronics

Listen to the latest Nightclubber Podcast by Mary Yuzovskaya below:

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