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As the worlds of E-dward! and Introspection Recordings collide we decided to catch up with the prolific Italian producer. His ‘A Simple Mistake’ LP immediately grabbed our attention due its versatile construction, an album with pure heart and emotion at its core. The release flickers between certain house, and techno moods and energies for the dance floor and beyond. Growing up in Tuscany played a huge part in the development of E-dward’s dynamic sound, and we wanted to discover more, discussing future plans, the album and much more….

Check out our premiere of ‘String Translation’ from the ‘A Simple Mistake’ LP whilst you read:

Hi E-dward!, how is 2022 looking for you at the moment?

Hello! This year has begun with the hope to come back to normality, to real life. We have started again to do what we love, to see people, to share real experiences and to LIVE. Covid changed a lot of things for everybody…We lost too much time in our houses on the sofa but life is outside.

Have you been making much music in recent months? Where is your studio based and do you share it with anyone?

I made a lot of stuff in the last two years. The pandemic restrictions were very strict in Italy so the only way to go ahead was to do something creative and funny. I have a super comfortable home studio in the garage…I can make music whenever I want and this is amazing. When I feel the need to express my ideas I only need to go downstairs, even in my  pajamas and slippers. I’ve been through the last few times to make music and tried it with my garage neighbors.

Your recent album ‘A Simple Mistake’ on Introspection Recordings flickers between several moods. What did you try to capture with the album? Do you have any favourite tracks?

I made the tracks inside the album in different periods of my life and whoever listens to it can hear different feelings. Since the beginning I tried to convert all the inputs from the outside; I spent my days in the office listening to a lot of different music and when it’s time to open Ableton and turn on the gears I always have a great confusion of what I want to do that day. Sometimes I need something “housy”, “soft” and “chill”, others more tech and straight. “Empty Club” is the track that most represents my sound. I made it during the closing period of Italian clubs and the title is eloquent. That night I needed to go out, dance or play something but I couldn’t go out so I went downstairs and this is the result.

The album features a remix from Federico Grazzini, how did the remix come about?

Fede was one of the first artists who started to support me and believe in my music in 2009 and I will always be thankful for this. He started to play my “Tin Whistle” in Ibiza over 10 years ago and from that moment, when I have a track ready I send it to him. He’s a very good person and always gives me tips and “instructions” in order to change something and make the tracks better.

“Today is your day” was our first collaboration and the result was great (for example Ricardo played it everywhere for a long time). When he listened to “A Simple Mistake” immediately he imagined his version and in few days he came back with the bomb that everyone can listen now. I’m very happy with the result.

Do you see yourself releasing another album in your career? What other releases do you have planned?

I have a strange approach with the albums. This is the fourth of my life and each one is very very different from the previous. I like to change all the time…I hate “gender labels” and I don’t want to be defined as a techno or house producer. The first one was downtempo / disco, the second raw techno, the third microhouse and dub techno and this one is the result of the influences of last year. I love to make a lot of music. I export about 20/25 tracks every year but I don’t like the label and distribution approach to the music so I often send them only to my close friends to play…for me all of this work is passion. The next release will be out next week on Ubuntu (Federico Grazzini’s label). “White light” is an Ep of 4 original tracks very cool and perfect for the dancefloors. We already received a lot of good feedback!

Growing up in Italy how would you say the community and local areas to you influenced your sound?

I grew up in Tuscany, one of the most affluent areas for our music. During the nineties there were the most important and iconic clubs here and I started to play and make music following the voices of this incredible movement. My journey started listening to the recording of parties at Tenax, Kama Kama, Insomnia, Jaiss from djs like Ralf, Alex Neri, Ricky Le Roy to name a few. I think that is fundamental, to everyone who wants to be a dj or a producer, to live the club, live the scene, explore the dancefloors, listen to a lot of dj sets in order to become part of something. When I started to produce music in 2009 there was a lot of “ferment” in this area after the release of Ilario Alicante, Vacaciones en Chile. We all worked in the same club for the same agency. It was a great motivation to start together and, after 10 years, see how the way of all of us have changed.

If you can give our readers one tip on music production, what would it be?

Follow your ideas and…never give up! I hate those who follow the moment, who want to reach only the top of the charts and make music only for business. Before work, music must be passion, music must be a dream, business must be a consequence not the main reason. I always love a quote by Aaron Carl: “If you’re doing it for the money, don’t do it. If you’re doing it for fame, don’t do it. Do it for you. For the love.” The charts, the gigs and the rest will be the result of your work.

Support E-dward!’s ‘A Simple Mistake’ here: https://www.beatport.com/release/a-simple-mistake/3602743

Find E-dward! here: Instagram / Spotify

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