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Like many of us in pre-pandemic times, EDED is a man who inhabited a busy space. Nonetheless, though he’s been forced to slow down, he’s kept ploughing on regardless in 2020, releasing a slew of killer uptempo gems for a bunch of labels he’s remained close to, not least the impressively consistent and always-refreshing Berlin label, Get Physical. Indeed, it’s here where he’s really brought his A game to this year, with his last release – an interpretation of one of the label’s most seminal cuts, DJ Le Roi and Roland Clark’s ‘I Get Deep’ the sort of track that was especially deserving of a bigger stage than the past few years. While that one’s sure to have life in it so after this whole circus has come to a halt, keen fans of Ed’s output would do well to keep an eye on his upcoming release, a killer collab with none other than Chasing Kurt which drops late January via – you guessed it – Get Physical. We put some choice questions to Ed a couple weeks back, and here’s what he had to say for himself…

How has the year been for you?

Challenging to say the least – but I’m producing music and staying upbeat with friends and family.  I have travelled still during this time and spent some time in Zanzibar producing music from there so that was nice…also I was playing some beach parties in Paje (which is the party strip on Zanzibar) and that was quite refreshing.

How have you kept creative, kept busy?

Yes – I decided to just carry on and release as scheduled all of the upcoming EPs. Things have to go on right? I have also been surfing more and enjoying the outdoors so to speak since we had more time to ourselves which is quite vitalizing and refreshing. I travelled a lot this year surprisingly and found the emptiness of Portugal, Spain, Germany, Zanzibar and now Cape Town quite scary and exciting at the same time.

I understand you’re based in Zurich – what’s that like, why move there?

I needed a break from Berlin and it’s inspiring to be around mountains and lots of nature. Zurich is a really great “zen” type of city since there is a rave culture but it’s not as intense and demanding as it in Berlin.

Tell us what inspired your new one on Get Physical?

Basically some breakups around my friends. I think the vibe influenced me, giving the tune a pretty deep edge with the keyboard loop. We started the vocal with a very different musical Idea actually but mixed it together with the keys later on and found the combination quite mesmerizing. I met Chasing Kurt at a gig in Berlin we did during fashion week and decided to collaborate then and there.

Has the lack of gigs this year had an influence on your sound?

I would say yes in a way…on the other hand I just choose my own sound and inspiration that is currently around me and the studio. I have recorded a lot of atmos and sound snippets from trips to Portugal and Morocco which I used in my last steps and included that in the production 

You have done a few remixes this year – how different are they than writing originals?

It’s easier to kick off the track since the main idea is already there. On the other hand, you don’t want it to sound the same and you want to give it your own touch so that is a challenge as well. It’s a challenge to give it your own spin and not lose the DNA of the original as well.

What are some key bits of gear in your studio? Are you a keen gear collector?

Actually really getting into Moog sound like the Sub 37 – love playing with the LFO’s and Filters. I’m very keen on using Modular systems and that is growing everyday and that was used in most of my productions last year. Now I’m actually getting back to where I came from as a DJ – looking for samples and changing them and adding them to my tracks.  

There have been a lot of social, gender and racial politics in dance music this year – what are your views on that? Does the scene need shaking up?

Yes I’ve noticed is that as well – also fueled by social media I would say. I try to actually just focus on music since I’ve never had any issues with humans regarding their gender race or social status. I try to treat everyone the same and I sometimes wonder where all the hate is coming from and why so many people have time and energy to invest in such pointless discussions. I do have to say I see it as very questionable how people can be moobed online as soon as someone “thinks” anyone did anything to offend them and vice versa.

What’s next for you? 

My next EP on Get Physical “Naked Walls” , a remix for Acid Pauli and Geju on their imprint Ouïe and an EP on Exploited Ghetto next year in May. Currently producing in the lovely Coty of Capetown and started some new tracks for the year. Also Monkey Safari will remix “Naked Walls” for the upcoming Get Physical 2021 Compilation.

What do you hope to get for Christmas?

A vaccine that has been tested thoroughly? Joking. I think we can be thankful for what we have but i would actually like to get some new sneakers from Y3! 

Keep up with EDED on Facebook here. EDED’s Naked Walls (ft. Chasing Kurt) is out 22/01 via Get Physical Music.