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As the man behind the much-respected Enough! Music label, Berlin-based Danilo Schneider has released music from some of the city’s best known and most loved artists. A self-confessed ‘child of the ‘80s’, his label is as eclectic as the man himself, with a loose focus on underground-sounding house and techno. Always discerning and never conforming to trends, the label celebrated its 10-year anniversary during the pandemic and continues to release great music – no mean feat in a scene as saturated as today’s one. 

Danilo then, is most definitely someone for whom an addiction to electronic music runs deep. With his latest release, the brilliant How to Control Your Mind, about to drop (with his track, Room premiered here on our Soundcloud page), we felt it a good time to check in with the man himself, as he talked us through his move to Berlin, the influence of his brother, Guido, and his start in music…

Hi Danilo thanks a lot for taking the time to talk to us today. Can you tell us a bit about your summer? How was it? What memories stick out for you?

Hello, thank you for inviting me to the interview. It’s a pleasure. This year was a great summer. Relaxing and riding my scooter to lakes around Berlin. My wife played at Club der Visionäre this year too, and Ricardo Villalobos played later the next morning. It was great to meet some friends and listen to great music. An incredible experience.

Can you talk us through growing up in Germany in terms of music? How was it?

I am a real child of the ‘80s. And I loved so many great bands. They have influenced me a lot. And later the ‘90s. It was a good age for music, that’s for sure. 

Were you acutely aware of the effect of the wall coming down growing up? Or was that sort of after your time?

I grew up on the east side of Germany, the DDR. In 1986 my family and I moved to West Germany. What a breathtaking adventure! I probably didn’t realise the significance of it all then, but it later dawned on me of course. What a decision by my parents. Undoubtedly the right one! 

Why do you think Berlin is a city that embraces electronic music like no other?

I think Berlin is a city of creative and free spirits. It is a central point. Artists of all kinds come here from all over the world, to meet and to exchange and realise ideas. Even though Berlin is constantly in a time of change. Unfortunately, big capitalism has prevailed. As a side note, Berlin used to be more relaxed. But it’s still great of course. 

Can you tell us a bit about your early involvement with electronic music? How did you get started?

Around 2005 I started producing music myself. My wife taught me how to DJ, and in 2008 I had my first small DJ gig here in Berlin and also my first release on Dana Ruh‘s label Brouqade. That was extremely exciting. I’ve always had a normal full-time job, that hasn’t changed really. 

Was there one moment or party when you decided that this was something you really wanted to pursue seriously? Can you talk us through some of your early influences?

When I moved to Berlin, it was clear to me that I definitely wanted to do more with music. My biggest influence was my brother, Guido [Schneider]. He gave me so many tips for music production. I also went clubbing with him a lot and got to know the Berlin scene. That also influenced me a lot.

In terms of ‘making it’, what do you feel are the biggest challenges nowadays? Is social media too influential do you think?

I think it takes time and patience and you have to be in the right place at the right time. Social media has never been a challenge for me. I use it, but not regularly. Social media is a nuisance for me. Many use it to make a name for themselves. Then it’s no longer about the thing it’s about, the music. Everyone can do what they think is right.

At what stage did you decide to establish Enough! ? What’s the thinking behind the name? And is there a particular ethos that courses through your releases?

I founded Enough! Music in 2010 solely with the idea to release my own productions. It became tedious to send demos and never get a response. The background is not to waste time waiting for answers. And so the label name. “Enough! Music” was born. Enough is enough. The ethos of Enough! Music is good music.

You’ve an awesome discography and have also released music on the likes of Highgrade Records, Tip Tap Records, Invade Records and Kina. Are you more focused now on Enough? Or pushing your music to other labels?

Not really focused only on Enough! Music. I maintain a healthy combination of both. But getting my label back on track. Next year for sure. 

Do you prefer to keep your favourite stuff for your own label? Or how does that generally work? Is it also about your record fitting the ‘sound’ of Enough! ?  

Yes, I keep back important tracks, but if I think they fit for another label, I send them. There is no particular selection or criteria for my tracks on Enough! Music. 

You have released some wicked music on Enough! over the years, with artists such as Digitaline, Guido Schneider, Tom Clark, Dana Ruh, Sascha Dive, Eveline Fink, Re-Up, Ilario Liburni and many more. What do you reckon the highlight has been? Or do you feel the best is yet to come?

That’s a good question. But I think all the releases are highlights. I always decide from my gut what sounds and feels good. That also applies to future releases.

In terms of the producers you work with, it seems to very much be a family affair. Indeed, you even released a track called ‘Family Affairs’ a while back. How important to you is it that you have a relationship with the people you work with? And how do you source new music to sign?

It‘s important to have a good relationship with the artists, to exchange ideas or to start collaborations. It is then like a small family with common sense. I like that. Especially the release “Family Affairs“ was a collaboration with my brother, Guido. In the pandemic period, it was more difficult to act with artists. We were all caught in a kind of bubble. But now we are looking forward to it again.

I read online that ‘Enough! Music stands for clean, intelligent and unapologetic sound with its own identity and attitude’. Can you elaborate on this for us a bit?

Yes, that might sound a bit harsh, but it’s not. It’s important to me that artists can identify with Enough! music. They don’t have to bend for something or even conform.

Have you ever not signed a track and regretted it after? Or signed music you regretted signing?

No, it has not yet come to this situation. I have always made a good choice. Or rather the music label has. 

You’re over a decade old now, so I wanted to ask; what constitutes success for the label? Are there other labels whose trajectory you’d especially like to emulate?

You’ve been quite quiet release-wise over the past while. Is this intentional? And can you tell us what you’ve planned for the next while?

Our success is probably the constant and the joy of this work. There is no reason to emulate another label or go down that path. We go our own way. Many labels have a tight schedule for releases. That is not the case with us. We always plan when something is coming up. The fact that it has become quieter around us was certainly due to the pandemic. Many friends and acquaintances had to struggle with themselves. It was not an easy time. A lot of things fell away. And that’s where we have to start again.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? How do you like to switch off away from music?

There are no big plans for the end of the year. But the focus will be on the family. The year 2023 is already in the starting blocks.I like to listen to other music(genres), it’s easy to switch off.

Finally, if you were to introduce your music in three tracks, what tunes would you pick and why?

I don’t think three tracks would be enough; it is very multifaceted! But here goes…

I love the atmosphere, the melodies and groove here. Great stuff!

This art of dub music has been with me for a very long time.

Every time I hear this track, I feel transported to another dimension.

Check out Danilo Schneider’s website here and the Enough! Music website here 
Pre-order Danilo Schneider’s ‘How to Control your Mind’ on Beatport and Juno

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