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Right from the outset, Nightclubber has always been about maintaining a musical agenda that’s not bound by scenes, cliques, nationalities or even styles. As far as we’re concerned, if the music is awesome, then we’re happy to shine a light on it. This is especially true with Eren Erdol and his Petra Digital label. While not quite a household name (just yet), the Istanbul-based label has been helping to put Turkish electronic music on the map. And despite being named Petra Digital, it often veers into wax territory, with many of the label’s biggest EPs receiving the vinyl treatment — no mean feat when one takes the complexities of running a label out of Turkey into account. A man who most definitely does it for the love, Eren Erdol and his Petra Digital label will likely be on our radar for some time yet. Here, we asked Eren to provide us with some of his favourite Turkish producers. After all, Petra has always been about spotlighting both emerging and established producers, so there’s no better man to take on the job. Here’s what he had to say…


One of the greatest house music producers from Turkey who has released on numerous international labels such as Discotexas. Also, he has been making releases from my label Petra and we were a part of events together with him. There are not many producers who are interested in house music in Turkey, so his works are quite special for me, and from day one! 🙂 Also, he operates his own imprint called High Above The Ground and I appeared with one of my tracks in the label’s previous compilation album a couple of years ago..

Kerem Akdag

Such a pleasure for me to make Kerem‘s first vinyl release called Life of a Party from my label Petra! Right now, he is acting as a producer for mainstream projects in Turkey and an artist of Dimension Recordings. We met each other for a couple of years and also he made very cool remixes for Petra artists such as Georgi Barrel and also mainstream names such as Kraak & Smaak! He combines funky elements & live instruments to his productions so he has a very unique sound if you compare other House works..


Techno master of Istanbul! Personally, I started listening to Techno music with his productions, so he is a pretty important figure in the dance music scene of Turkey and me..  He has appeared on many cool releases and cooperates with very precious international labels.. Also, he has been operating his own label called Sublime Porte and this label is the first Techno based label of Turkey.. Right now,  they covered Sublime Porte to an artist project also and they made a super cool release. called Cascade including massive remixes from Berlin’s. legendary producer Heiko Laux!


Very talented young producer from Istanbul.. His productions are definitely on top quality!  Most people may know his name from his track called Yamaha because it went on very crazy streams like millions in Houseum’s Youtube channel. but except that track; he has very cool releases & remixes.  Also,  he has been operating his own label called Artesian Sounds. which has impressive releases from cool names like. Harrison BDP..

Deniz Kurtel

I was listening to Deniz Kurtel’s tracks a lot back in the day.. She has a good spirit to create the quality grooves and one of the important artists of Crosstown Rebels.. She is not so active in music right now but her works inspired many producers who are in the beginning.. Her point of view to electronic music is definitely very cool and she combined vocals to her works perfectly!

Eren Erdol’s ‘Lose my Mind… Oh Yes I Am’ (featuring a remix by Sebb Junior) is out now via Petra Digital

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