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VENDI is a DJ/producer who’s always worn his eclecticism on his sleeve, just as a background in drums, guitar, piano and bass would have you believe. Though his main sound inspirations are firmly electronic these days, his is a diverse soundscape that’s very much indebted to a glut of contrasting different sounds and emotions. No wonder then, that his return to our mix series really does take the listener on a metaphorical ‘journey’. Crafted at an afterhours, it highlights the many sides to his palette, weaving through up-tempo and trippy numbers alike, and even culminating with a forthcoming, as-yet-unidentified track from his ETO label. A man who, by his own admission, ‘prefers to let the music do the talking’, we caught up with him very briefly recently to discuss the mix…

How and when was the mix recorded?

This mix was recorded for an after party following a gig at the Gazgolder Club. I am switching between vinyl and digital players all night, and of course I’m very happy with how the mix turned out. 

How did you select the tracks?

Like a lot of us, after a heavy digging period I prepared my playlist where I’m gonna play and for how long. Then I just listen to what tracks I’m crushing on into the selection and go for it.

What was the vibe you were going for?

I take care to create a storyline playing the music with each other as instruments to create a new track. This allows me to create an additional mood and I like being busy all the time behind the decks. 

What do you think are the highlights of the mix? Are there any tracks in here that you consider extra special?

It’s not really about what track would be extra special from another. I mean one day you will like a track more than you did yesterday, less the next day depending on the mood. But they have to be meaningful to mix them together to create a new world, and that can be something truly special.

What’s next for you musically?

I just started my label with my partner Camilo called Trans-Neptunian Objects). The first vinyl release will be out around May 2023 and you can hear one of the tracks from the vinyl playing at the end of this podcast. The next move is a live project that we are working on and we are also preparing a double LP album that will go on the ETO. Watch out! 

Keep up with VENDI on Soundcloud and Bandcamp . You can also check his ETO label on Soundcloud here, and check out the mix he’s done for us below. 

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