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Next week Bosconi Records heads to Sicily for the second edition of Opera Festival which takes place 17th – 21st August 2022. The established label has been running for 15 years, propelling stellar house grooves from a wide range of producers, and label heads. To coincide with next weeks showcase we asked Fabio Della Torre to provide us with mix 177 a dreamy representation of what is to come amongst the beautiful settings of the festival, and an insight into what is happening in regards to all things Bosconi. Joining Fabio for the showcase will be man of the moment Giammarco Orsini, and Funclab Records.

You can find out more information about the festival over on their site here: https://www.operafestival.net/

Listen to Nightclubber Podcast 177…

Thanks for chatting to us today Fabio, how is summer looking for you? 

Thank you guys! Looking great, trying to keeping it cool 🙂

So tell us, what have you been working on musically recently? In the studio? 

I have been focusing mainly on productions for the project Minimono on Bosconi and on other labels as well, also have been digging some vinyls around and deeper into my collection to keep ideas and inspiration coming.

Bosconi Records has been going for some years now, what are you working on as a label at the moment? 

We recently released an EP from Alexander Robotnick, one from Uk duo Sound Virus and the second chapter of the live Jam session project called Bosconi Gang Band featuring an array of artists from the label.

I’m actually working on Bosconi’s next release, which will be number 50 on Bosconi Records main output. It will most likely be a new Minimono EP for this round.

Also next year we’ll celebrate 15 years of activity with the label, so also new projects are on the way.

This month you will run a Bosconi Showcase at Opera Festival in Sicily, the location looks amazing. Are you looking forward to bringing Bosconi there? The line up is also fantastic. 

Yes i’m really happy about it, it’s a great lineup indeed.. and I’m honoured to showcase the label in such an important festival in my own country. 

To celebrate the showcase you have also prepared a mix for us. What can our readers expect with the mix? Did you try and bring a style you will bring to the festival with you? 

For the mix I prepared a selection of stuff i found in my collection and more recent stuff I bumped into, as well as couple releases from Bosconi. It sounds Electro, italo disco, dreamy and dense of robotic feelings!

I did not plan anything specific for the Festival yet although I have something in mind 🙂

Will see shortly before as usual.. but mostly rediscovering tracks found while living in Berlin back in 2000-2001.

To finish the interview can you tell us one festival highlight you have had, and one funny moment you witnessed at a festival?

Well it was not really properly at “the” festival but it was in an Off Sonar event at Pulitzer hotel rooftop in Barcelona back in 2015.

I had a broken finger by a motorbike accident and it was actually my medium one.. 

I noticed that it was attracting some interest probably because I was figuring out how to play vinyls..  so at some point as a liberation it felt necessary to tribute the crowd with that exact same finger.. the reaction was surprisingly funny, probably because I’m not that kind of guy 🙂 

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