Franco Cinelli Compiles Next Various Artists Release On His Psyfunk Records »
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Psyfunk is a record label produced by Franco Cinelli back in 2016, with a repertoire of 5 vinyl releases. It has been the music-broadcasting platform for artists like Z@p, Klepzec, Bodeler, Alan Castro, Richard Hz and Empathic Decaying Frequency (aka Franco Cinelli, Esteban Gutierrez and Lazzade). In 2020, the record jumped into the digital world looking for broader horizons and a wider range of sounds.

Psyfunk Records has cut loose from the pressures and restrictions of vinyl press and is now experiencing the freedom of the digital world, opening the door to a much wider sound spectrum. This brand new journey started with Franco’s first release on Bandcamp, 100 Días, and consolidates with this new and innovative Various Artists.

The ride in Various Artists #02 by Psyfunk Digital begins with an ambient scene proposed by C+ that sets the mood for a sound ecstasy with the first beats of Luciano and Ben Larsen’s Sinatra Bedroom, whose imprint of dub and minimal invites the listener to step on the gas. The journey continues steadily with tracks by He Did and iVan, gradually starting to add a bit of house with beats by FEDAJO (the new project by Felipe Valenzuela, Dani Casarano and Jorge Savoretti), Juan Farcik and Vizcacha.

Coco Etcheverry slows things down a little with his downtempo beats and touches of future jazz, along with Santiago Martinez’s 1000 Millas to set a change of air. Next, a third downtempo proposal down the road by Felipe Valenzuela and Dorian Paic, two of the renowned artists that make up this new release.

A much-needed change of speed following a comeback of minimal and house sounds thanks to Legalan, Funk E and Mariano, adding hints of breaks and acid featuring Pachh. The beats of Lega, Bernat, Leo Portela and Bodeler make up the most extensive portion of the ride, combining genres like tech house, electro, minimal and techno.

The intensity begins to ease off with a bit of Juan Carvajal, and finally comes to a modular and analogical end with Rosario’s native Jeremy Flagelo—a perfect closure that invites the listener to turn off the engine, lay back on the seat and hit ‘Play’ again on Psyfunk’s amazing last release.

Listen in premiere Luciano’s track exclusively on our channels.

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