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Dreamy Italian house flavours from Fuckthegovernment once more. This summer they will drop some of their hottest output today with a beautiful unreleased track from pioneer of the game, Flavio Vecchi, and a tribute remix on the B side of the record, dedicated to the golden era of Italian house. 

Pre Order the EP here: https://www.deejay.de/FLAVIO_VECCHI_WORK_IT_1991UNRELEASED_CUT_FTG008_Vinyl__998488

The tracks bring a different dynamic to the dance floor, both of the versions standing alone as amazing pieces of music. First up is the original version of “Work It” by Flavio Vecchi himself, originally made in 1991 this is a prime example of the illustrious Italian movement in the 90s, pure class and eccentric energy from this country, and there is no wonder some of these records from the 90s are going for what they are online. Flavio creates a beautiful balance of house flavours, a sound he represented and developed back in those times, helping the genre boom. 

On the flip side of the record is the “FUCKTHEGOVERNMENT.LTD RIVIERA Mix” a dusty and nostalgic trip which is dedicated to this peak era for Italian house at the start of the 90s. Immerse yourself in the ethereal textures of this beauty as they develop throughout the track, FTG LTD paying homage to where it all began for them. 

As a label Fuckthegovernment strives to achieve a quality over quantity ethos, providing innovative sounds of old and new, ready to move dance floors around the globe. More to come from the label in coming months once this body of work has seen the light of day. 


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