Immersive Live Session Streams With Elephantmat… »

French producer, live performer and all round creative Elephantmat has been saving friday nights for electronic music lovers throughout the latest lockdown with his mind bending Immersive Live Session streams on Facebook, taking viewers on a journey of 3D sound, following his movements on Ableton by sharing his screen with viewers.

Real name Mathieu Rossier is a dedicated musician, keen to push the boundaries of sounds as shown in his weekly streams, and the forward thinking technology in his Des Sons Animés studio based in France. The first private studio of its kind, boasting a serious 32 speaker system, for a wholesome experience. If you are keen to check out his forthcoming shows, these being the last two of the year head to the Elephantmat Facebook tonight (4th December) and next Friday 11th, also streaming from our Facebook channel. Innovative sounds from a master at his craft.

Next dates:
04th 22:00 (CET)
11th 22:00 (CET)

Watch the previous shows here, hours and hours of fun and great sounds:

Elephantmat Facebook / Elephantmat Soundcloud
Des Sons Animés Website / Des Sons Animés Facebook / Des Sons Animés Instagram