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Founder of the prolific Either label, Jamie Clarke, manages to find time to chat to us in between balancing studio time, spearheading a label, and country hopping in 2020. Already in recent times Jamie has received thoroughly deserved support from some heavy hitters including Alinka, Gene Farris, Ame and many others. We managed to find out plans for the Either imprint and a couple of personal music favourites to round things off. Dive in below….

Hi Jamie, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. Let’s start with an obvious one — how has your year been? Did you manage to stay productive with all that’s going on?

Hi there, my pleasure! Was a busy year with a move to Berlin from Reykjavik via a few months in Dublin! Have just been settling here now, and lots of studio time over the year so very happy moving into 2021!

What did you find was the most challenging aspect of the year? How did you overcome it?

For me not being able to spend time with loved ones due to quarantine rules and also really missing going out for dinner and drinks, and of course no gigs!

Can you tell us a bit about your history with electronic music? What was it about the music that you loved so much? 

I was in Bands from a very young age, guitar and bass, but around 18 years old, my sister introduced me to house music and I never looked back, first clubbing experiences and the whole open ethos of the scene, so inclusive!

You’ve received a lot of support recently from the likes of Tensnake, Ame, Piem, Joyce Muniz, Alinka, DJ T, Acid Pauli, Gene Farris + more. What does it mean to count on the support of these sort of artists? 

To have the support of such well respected artists mean a huge amount to me, nice to know that I’m on the right track! For me it’s huge to know that what I’m making is being well received and supported by artists I have huge respect for! 

Tell us a bit about the Either label that you head up. What’s the thinking behind the label and what’s your ethos behind it all? 

It come from the idea of either/or, House or Techno, but really that anything goes music wise and to push me talent!

How would you best define the sound of the label? And your own? And is this something you diversify from at all? 

It’s definitely more topping towards a techno sound, as is mine, but as above I’m very open to let any music we release speak for itself!

Lets chat a bit about the remixers that you’ve chosen here. What made you opt for the likes of Pablo Mateo, CasaNova and Philippa? Are they artists you’re close to? And what did you make of their remixes? 

Pablo is a longtime friend and huge influence for me, so it was a no brainier to choose him! Casanova is one of the first people I did a back to back DJ set in Reykjavik with, I adore his deep moody productions, that’s his signature! Phillipa’s sound is this gorgeous rolling melodic house and I’ve always been a fan, I think the 3 choices reflect the open aspect of the label! 

Who else is involved then? How do you sign artists etc? 

I’m represented for artist and label management by Matt Tolfrey and theone800, so he’s a huge part in everything I do!

Are there many other artists you’d love to work with? Do you set yourself goals in this regard?

Very much so, already have up to 005 planned and very excited with what’s coming.  

What’s next for you that’s keeping you excited outside of music?

Well discovering Berlin over the coming months , also hoping to be able to travel again soon!

Finally, can you let me in on some of your favourite pieces of music (electronic or non-electronic) from the past year?

Pretty much anything Bjarki has released as well as amazing music from Radioslave. One also gotten back into JJ Cale and Nick Drake and lots of folk music, a nice change from electronic!

Jamie Clarke’s Mirror Talk EP (ft. Remixes by Pablo Mateo, CasaNova, Philippa) is out now via the Either label. Buy/listen to the release here

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