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In line with their inauguration we had the privilege to discuss everything Internet Is Over with label founders Hot City Orchestra and Annegret von Feiertag, the director of “The Planet” film which accompanied the debut EP on the label. Watch the 23 minute film from the Berlin based director, and find the interview below.

Annegret von Feiertag

How did the collaboration with Internet Is Over come about? 

Through the best way: friends of friends becoming friends. 

What sparked the direction of “The Planet” film? And what were your initial thoughts when you heard the soundtrack to the video from Hot City Orchestra? Did this already ignite some ideas of where to take this.  

The first rough layout of “The Planet” was 42 minutes long…so my first thought was: challenge accepted! When I listened to it, I immediately got hit with the kind of monotone sounds which change through the time which makes this track so hypnotizing. I was thinking about nature in the first place and then about my favorite art form: dance. I always wanted to work with Vava. So we asked her and she was in. Yeah!  

How important is it to you to ensure you have the perfect sound track for a video? Do you normally have the sound first, and then become inspired, or you have ideas for a film and the soundtrack follows? 

As I usually do music videos I don‘t have a choice but on the other projects, I get very picky on the music. It‘s often the last and most vibe changing thing to do with a film and brings out the best for the atmosphere. Tickles out emotions where they belong, underlines the images and rounds up the whole film. So yes. Music is very, very important to me. And it depends: sometimes I get inspired by a song. Sometimes images inspire me for a particular sound.

Is there a message and deeper meaning you wanted to portray with “The Planet” film? 

The good thing with those kinds of projects is: I come up with a simple idea and then the meaning evolves then through the process. What the choreographer brings in. What the DoP brings in. What kind of location we get? I wanted to shoot in a desert like area in the north of Berlin and wanted to film just in one location. The same movements over and over again – but the light would change from sunrise to sunset. But the lizards were breeding and we could not shoot there. Luckily we got the contact of a guy who owns a park and we changed the whole concept. It was now about moving and not staying in one place anymore. So the deeper meaning changed by the circumstances: it‘s about travelling. About being on your own. Surrounded by nothing but the forest and lively green. Becoming one with the woods and channeling the inner bird. About standstill and motion.  

Internet Is Over

Is there anything in particular that led to the creation of the Internet Is Over label? Is it something you thought about for a while between the two of you? 

We had the idea since we saw Prince talking at the Yahoo Internet Life Awards in 1999.

Over the years that idea grew quite naturally as we realised we have so many friends and great people around us that can contribute to the project. We then made the track “The Planet” and immediately felt that this is the ideal kick off for this new platform.

The launch release was accompanied by “The Planet” film, is this is an idea you will continue with the label as it grows? 

Sure! Working with people we love and admire is the foundation of Internet Is Over! There won’t be a film or video to every release. Some will maybe have a shirt or a tree, not a video. Other releases will be embedded into an art-exhibition. Internet Is Over is “just” the platform. Meaning it is supposed to be way more than “just” a Record-Label.

With a lot of people at home in the past year, do you think this helped shine a light on non dance floor music some more? 

Internet Is Over was planned way before the Pandemic hit us. Unfortunately the Internet is booming again with Zoom-Meetings, Online-Shops, Crypto-Currency, Self-driving cars, etc… But we still believe in Prince’s message: Don’t be fooled by the Internet”.

Jokes aside: There is always a bright light on great music – in good or bad times.

The first EP is created by yourselves, Hot City Orchestra, do you plan to host other artists on the label? 

The next release will be from Finetune from Russia.

He created a mindblowing concept album that will feature different tracks for different media. We’re very excited for Cassette, Vinyl and Digital-Release and an AI-Robot drawing the Cover.  

After that we also got something special lined up. Thanks to a new technology that links the brain directly to midi we recorded an album solely composed with the thoughts and feelings of a dog. Watch this space – it might come later than expected!

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