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Coming straight out of Lima, Peru is our next blossoming talent on the circuit. Nick Paradise provides the latest soundtrack to our exciting new Future Stars series. Earlier this year we premiered a track from his “Dancing Low” EP on San Bolsa Music, and we needed to learn more from this young master of his craft. His most recent release comes in the form of his “Total Change” EP on Manicomio Black, three orignal cuts with killer grooves at the heart. Alongside his dedicated studio time Nick finds himself playing frequently on the South American circuit with an array of famous artists on the bill. We can say we will most certainly be keeping an eye on Nick’s movements in the coming years…

Hi Nick, Thanks for chatting with is today. How has 2022 been for you?

Wow, the truth is that this year for me artistically and personally has been very busy, I have had ups and many downs, but thanks to that I am more active and motivated, above all I am healthy and with my family, which is the most important thing.

What inspired you to start DJing and producing?

Really what motivated me to be a DJ was my brother Frank, because he listened to electronic music way before me, and he worked as security in electronic music events.

One day he came home and he showed me the video he recorded of a DJ, I saw and it was nothing more and nothing less than the big Carl Cox playing vinyl at the Monumental Stadium in my country and I was really captivated, especially stunned at how he could move those big records with so much energy and passion.

After that, I began to relate with electronic music, the issue with producing was a coincidence, when creating my own sounds first came to my mind, a friend was opening his studio where they were going to teach mixing and production courses, and it was there I went to study.

I took classes and there was something so magical about how something so simple can sound so spectacular on a track and that’s when I started producing, and out of curiosity I always tried to make music which was difficult for me, this is what really motivated me, my desire to learn and create my own sounds and I would not stop until I achieved it.

When producing music, what kind of set up are you using?

The configurations are always the same, the only thing that makes me different from many people is that I make music for passion, not to become famous, not for money, but because I feel that I must give my audience a piece of me when making my music, I don’t worry about the settings.

Earlier this year you put out your “Dancing Low” EP on San Bolsa Music. Tell us about the release, and how did it feel to have your music remixed by artists such as Cesare Vs Disorder, Leon and Alvaro Ernesto.

Wow, I’ll always be grateful and amazed that such important people in the scene made a remix for my EP, I often ask myself is it God or is it real? These are things that do not happen every day, until now I still can´t believe it and I will always be happy for this release.

So, you are from and based in Peru, can you tell us about the scene over there?

Here in Peru the scene is not that big, I can accept that we are really united for everything, but there is a lot of demand now. It is not like before when everyone would do it to see people enjoy themselves or for passion music, now many people only see it for business and that’s what I don’t like to be honest, but of course I am happy that they call me regardless.

Do you have much else planned at the moment?

Of course, now I am working on my next release that I hope you like, similar vibe to the first one, and thank you always for the support you give me even though I am a new artist, there are many more gigs to come and above all many more parts of me that I will always leave in my tracks that I do, so get ready for more music as more will definitely come out.

If you could play in any club/party in the world, what would they be?

Wow, the truth is that I would play in all the clubs in the world, but really, I would love to play in the old Space and Amnesia (Ibiza), Elrow and the Music On Festivals. I think I would like to play in those places because these are some the most important events in the world, so I could play with so many people and but I would try to faint from fear.

Discover More Nick Paradise: Instagram / Beatport / Soundcloud

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