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Felipe Valenzuela and Argenis Brito are both artists we have admired for a long time here at Nightclubber, and in recent years also their FAER collaboration work has certainly caught our attention. The most recent output from the South American pairing is their “Fraud Era” EP, which is out now on Hearing Colours – a label co-founded by Felipe himself, alongside partner Max Kraushaar who is based in the US.

Check out our exclusive premiere of A1. from the “Fraud Era” EP here…

We seized the opportunity with open arms to interview the FAER guys, check out what went down below…

Hi guys, thanks for chatting to us today. How has 2021 been for you, especially in these unusual times? 

FV: Hello guys, thanks for the invite on this interview. 2021 had been until now a year with tons of chances. For bad or worse in general terms, I feel final balance is positive so far in terms of music. I did my best to learn more and  use  these tools  to go further in the studio with great results.

AB: Hi there, thank you for having us. 2021 has been a very different year for us, not travelling much and working a lot in the studio, producing new music, and working on different projects to keep busy during these strange times.

So tell us, how did the FAER project begin? Do you remember the moment when this happened, and when did you begin to realize you had enough chemistry to work in the studio together? 

FV: It was just a matter of time. We are very close friends and studio partners. We never had 1 single discussion, and the vibe between each other is quite unique. I’m very happy with  the FAER project and its development until now.

AB: We have been friends for a long time, we started making music together about 6 or 7 years ago, when Felipe was still living in Chile, then he moved to Berlin with his family, and we decided to share a studio, since then we have been producing a lot of music together and have released a couple of records and tracks on compilations.

We realized we had a lot in common musically and making music together became very easy and organic, so we decided to create a project together and make plans to start playing live as well.

Your latest body of work is on the Hearing Colours imprint. Tell us a little about the EP, the ideas behind it, and the creative processes you went through….

FV: The tracks were built in different stages of the last 2 years. As a common factor in our recordings we try  regularly to build a snapshot of the moment. Stick to the main essence, finish fast and easy, touching eventually a bit the  mixes in the next days.. And That’s it! 

I don’t remember how many recordings we have already from the last 24 months…but I feel it is quite a lot.

Regarding the idea behind these tracks. There’s not such thing in this compilation of recordings. Built in different moments, using not necessarily the same equipment or settings and using totally different mixing techniques on this one.

Regarding the name of  the ep or concept, we felt “The fraud era” was a good name as we are living in a  moment with too many realities. Difficult to say how many of them are a fraud (but mostly all..).

AB: We are very proud of our release, we made those tracks in a short period of time.

We have a philosophy of using as little elements as possible to create the desired message and make it as quick as possible as well, not to lose the essence of the idea we originally had.

Normally we finish the tracks in two or three days because we think the decision-making process is more effective. 

The idea behind the EP would be a couple of snapshots of how we see what is going on right now in our world.

When working on FAER projects, are you working remotely with each other, or do you meet in one of your studios and work on music at the same time? 

FV: Only really in our studio.  

AB: We have shared a studio for a few years, so the collaboration is in person and quite frequent.

Can you name one track that reminds you of the other?

FV: Difficult to say. But from the ones that are released, any from the ones we did for Raum Musik… If I need to pick one:

AB: FÆR – Joystec [MUSIK109]
This is a clear example of our sound, it brings good memories of when and how we made it,

Jamming one night in our studio, it was done quite fast and it was a lot of fun to make.

As an artist, can you tell us one thing you have learned from the other? 

FV: Argenis delivers  just the best energy anyone can ask for. In my opinion this is the most fascinating way to get inspired. Besides of that we have empathy and complicity in the studio. That’s priceless. Brings the magic to the table, real fun.

AB: Felipe has very clear ideas at the moment of arranging the tracks. I have learned a lot from him regarding this process, we have a very special flow at the moment of composing and that has added a unique direction to our music.

What do you have coming up as solo artists? And together as FAER? 

FV: The end of the year is looking great. I am bringing  remixes for Ricardo Villalobos & Umho on Drumma records. I also made an EP for Distrikt Paris and I’m participating in the next VA on Melcure with 2 tracks. 1 as a solo artist and the other with my second side project called AHORA (partnership with Gulp). 

I’m also cooking things for other labels, etc.

Also starting to play live with Argenis now, trying to learn from him as I was always DJing until now.  

AB: As a solo artist, I’ve been working on a new project to be released next year, and as FAER we are working on an album and a live set, we just played together recently at Club der Visionaere in Berlin. 

Buy “Fraud Era”:

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