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Founder of upcoming underground movement “Real Gang”, Miller has took his crew to play records in some of the most characteristic clubs around. Personally, he is a talent you come across that has committed to music as a way of life, its all he has known and spent his time growing to bring together the arts of the producer and the DJ.

Miller has a particularly recognisable style, with an ability to create a low end focused depth, he keeps a consistency of rolling drums and obscure rhythmic patterns that holds the foundation of his constant groove as he goes through genres with the dancefloor on his side. Putting this with his no barriers mindset of making people move result in an intelligent display of blending records and maintaining a dance floor that want to stay.

His breakthrough came on the island of Ibiza when he became resident at a birthplace for many of the greats The Zoo Project and Ibiza Underground. Here he developed his sound, experience and now holds his own resident show Real Gang regularly at both of the respected spots. His rise allowed him to showcase his sound across these residencies, aswell as at hotpots DC10, London’s Fabric and Amsterdam’s gem BRET, for his own Real Gang brand and appearances for his dutch family Slapfunk Records, where he has been a firm member of the crew since their fusion in 2016.

To celebrate his Nightclubber podcast release we also arranged an interview which you can read below while you listen his mix.

Tell us a bit about this mix? Where did you record it and when?

My past podcasts have been live recordings from gigs always, with this podcast I wanted to dig deeper and tell a story rather than appetising a crowd in front of me. So it was me and the turntables in the studio with some of the crew vibing with me.

How does your mood dictate what you play?

I am never rehearsed so everything I play is based on feeling/mood. Tracks will be categorised in a larger playlist and my record bag packed, the rest will just happen track after track, blend after blend. The set time and crowd vibe will have the biggest influence of what direction I go in.

Can you talk us through some of the records and transitions on the mix?

The mix is a blend of genres with a solid drum foundation always. I am constantly mixing and blending to keep a flow and to experiment. I go with the moment and I’m willing to take the risks rather than a standard 2 record blend. With 3 cdjs and 2 turntables it gives me the opportunity to bring a different experience than the way original tracks are heard, as well as keeping things challenging in the moment for me.

Music aside, what else is keeping you busy right now?

To be honest it’s music, music, music for me. I work as a full time DJ, I run a music production school and I’m in the studio myself constant. When I wake up everything is music, although I am experimenting with art and photography more and more these days too.

Miller in his studio in Manchester

What have you been busy working on recently (musically) and what else can we look forward to from you over the next while?

Although my release schedule has been consistent, I am sat on a huge catalogue of music, that I have really took my time with how I will present it to the world. I am stepping into another chapter of my life in which I want to expose my sound fully, and these next 24 months will see these records and projects be presented for all to see and hear. Aswell as this a focus on live shows both for my Miller project and also side Dracula alias will be something I will start to show more and more. My project of Real Gang Soundsystem with partner in crime Nicolau will be pushed on full power with our first EPs ready to go. I’m super excited now more than ever, I feel ready and in my power.

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