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Peter Pixzel is a London based DJ/Producer, Co-Owner of WetYourSelf, the longest-standing Sunday night party at fabric in London, alongside Jacob Husley, and also one half of musical duo APP. Born in Copenhagen, Peter Pixzel began his musical journey by intering w production and create music of his own. A decade later, now in London, Peter began organising parties as part of duo WetYourSelf, and has recently celebrated his fifteenth-year residency at fabric. Their commitment to creating a party with un-rivaled line-ups which embrace emerging talent as well as established names has ensured a dedicated following and a reputation for the most loved house and techno night in the City.

Following the success of their club night, Peter proudly launched WYS! Recordings in 2010 alongside Jacob Husley. Their impressive roster features original releases and remixes from artists such as; Priku, Alex Under, Cally, Chris Liebing, Miss Kittin, Fabrizio Maurizi, Pig & Dan, Marc Houle, Kasper Bjorke, Kiki, Chloe, and Jennifer Cardini. As well as original releases under his own name Peter is known for his other project APP – a production force and live act in partnership with fellow Dane August Jacobson, boasting releases on labels such as Dinaymic, Kindisch, Watergate, and naturally on his own imprint WetYourSelf Recordings.

We are glad to have Peter Pixzel on board for delivering next instalment in our podcast.We also had a nice chat which you can read below while you listen his mix.

Tell us a bit about this mix? Where did you record it and when?

I wanted to record a mix for a while now. I haven’t put one out for like 5 years besides from some of the mixes recorded live at fabric, but that was mostly for promo use. This one I wanted to record because I felt super inspired by the music I was getting together for my upcoming gig at fabric in London on the 5th of June, and I just felt super inspired by all the amazing stuff that is out there. Wanted to include some artists that I love and this is the product of 4 cups of coffee on a Wednesday morning 🙂

How does your mood dictate what you play?

Very much so, feeling in music is everything. Recording something like this mix for is a process that heavily depends on what kind of mood you are in. With this mix, I wanted to convey something musically uplifting but still dark and trippy in the early parts which naturally gives more space to other emotions like happiness and euphoria that arrives later in the mix

Can you talk us through some of the records and transitions on the mix?

A few standouts, in my own opinion, are the mix between tracks 1 and 2, track 1 is called “as a community of” by Luuk van Dike which is out on Cecille records recently on their Help Ukraine compilation, buying and playing this track is supporting a good cause, and its a banger as well.  it then transitions into my favorite tune at the moment called “downstream “ by Michael James which is just a perfect track in my opinion, beautifully groovy and very musical, it just takes you on a real journey. Other standout moments would properly be the transition from Djebali’s “Hi Reset “ with its cheeky walking baseline into my latest release Sophat works well with its almost overpowering melody line the tracks feel like they were meant for each other. Generally, my mixing is mostly about getting the phrasing of the tracks sitting correct and just working the mixer hard. I’m not too bothered if everything is in key, mostly just mix from an emotional point of view

Music aside, what else is keeping you busy right now?

I make music and I teach music production, I run my own label and I create events so there is not much time for anything else really. I love visual art as well and am lucky I live in London as this city has an abundance of amazing exhibitions and galleries so i try to catch as much of that as possible as well

What have you been busy working on recently (musically) and what else can we look forward to from you over the next while?”

Musically I have many things going on at the moment. I run WYS! Recordings with my best friend Jacob Husley and we are on our 12th year doing this project together besides our Sunday night party at fabric which has been going for 15 years now. We have been not releasing too much in the last 6 years but are getting back into it again and we aim to have 8 releases out within the next year so stay tuned for this, lots of cool things coming out. For the next one, we are doing a re-release of some standout tracks from our vinyl-only series on WYS! Limited which includes originals from Priku and CALLy and Jacob and myself and a super hot remix for S.A.M. Besides that, I’m also rounding off my next full EP on our imprint with two exciting originals and a special remix from a shit-hot TBA artist. I’m also working on opening my own label “Fixation” towards the end of the year which will be focussing on a modern take on Chicago house coming out both on vinyl and digital.

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