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Dan Primaru, better known in minimal techno circles as Primărie, started his musical journey back in 2007 after discovering his passion for DJing and love for club culture. From working at a local radio station to exploring Bucharest’s scene, his path was nonetheless unclear until he established his own label, Tzinah Records. Upon decamping to Berlin, he soon realised his playground was Romania, and so relocated back to Romania shortly after.

 Playing marathon sets at infamous after-parties and presenting his groovy sound in small packed clubs, he quickly earned a reputation as a DJ of some repute and has now played in every Romanian city. Such is his curent reputation that he now often plays outside of Romania too, and is a regular behind the decks in some of Europe’s most loved clubs. Primărie also mixed the 154th edition of the Nightclubber podcast, and to mark the occasion we caught up with him for a quick chat. 

Tell us a bit about this mix? Where did you record it and when?

The mix was recorded at home a few weeks back and is a compilation of tracks that I have played very often over the last while. Still, it’s quite a unique mix though. 

How does your mood dictate what you play?

Well, it dictates it a lot. I usually take care of my mood before I play. How my mind is set up is very important, but also the soul dictates it too. Sometimes when you see a good DJ playing a “not so good set”, it’s easy to forget they’re human like the rest of us. Before my sets I have a mind check and make peace with all the troubles and only after that I place myself in the DJ booth

Can you talk us through some of the records and transitions on the mix?

Well, what I can say is that I often play three tracks at once, and on this mix I chose tracks from very small, underground artists. Also, some big artists and tracks you will surely recognize as well as some unreleased stuff too. 

Music aside, what else is keeping you busy right now?

Besides music, not much is happening in my life at the moment.

What have you been busy working on recently (musically) and what else can we look forward to from you over the next while?

Summer time is a break time from productions for me, so nothing to say there, but as a DJ i have played a few gigs in the next period, in Timisoara, Brasov, and Cluj. Also there is a new video interview coming up for It’s about how to self publish and how i do things at my label, Tzinah Records. So watch out for that. 

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