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Hey Tripmastaz! How are things, are you back to playing shows now?

Hey, if you have asked me this a few weeks ago, I’d say things are slowly getting back to normal. However in the darkness of the recent events, things are getting way way way worse than I or anybody could expect…

Tell me about these new remixes on Griffintown Records for Steve Lawler, how did this come about? How did you approach each of these remixes?

The label reached out to me for a remix. I came back with 2 versions. Both are live recorded jams. Slightly different mixes.The 2nd one is for those who like things a little dubbier 🙂

What are your normal process’ when making a remix? Is this very different to producing your own originals?

I wouldn’t say it’s very different, but of course your starting point is another artist’s idea and his sounds which you have to rework and adapt to your vision and vibe.

Any favourite bits of hardware / software to use in the studio at the moment?

Tricky and magic Kijimi synth and also Organelle is a new fun toy – loving using those at the moment!

You started your own mixing and mastering service TripMastering, how did that come about? How has the experience been so far?

It came about kinda organically, when everything in life stopped almost for 2 years. But also since I started to learn more about mixing and mastering and digging deeper into the analog world and it seemed natural to start it. Sort of expansion of my own curiousity and willing to share my experience. Since then I’m working with very interesting artists and music I mix and master ranges from acoustic, jazz, folk, ambient, movie soundtracks to of course all shades of electronic and dance music and hip hop.

You’ve had some pretty big collabs over the years, Ricardo Villalobos & DJ Sneak to name a few, what’s been your favourite thing about working with these legends?

Not just one favourite to be honest though. Stories, laughs, exchanging ideas, learning, great vibes and huge inspiration overall.

Are there any other artists you admire that you’d like to collab with one day?

Not any particular name. The beauty of it is not always a collaboration but gaining knowledge. But anyways, if any interesting collabs occur, I have a vinyl label called call_lab just for these occasions.

You’ve played at a lot of cool venues over the years, which one has stood out most for you?

As I always say the ones with a great sound system and a positive open minded crowd and promoters dedicated to our culture.

What else do you enjoy outside of music?

The simple things in life, life which politicians have the talent to make miserable.

What’s coming up from yourself that we can expect in the next year?

Due to the enormous pressing plants delays my trip-hop instrumental album finished a year ago but is still not pressed. But it will be out finally in a few months.The project is called Duct Tape and it features friends playing all kinds of live instruments incl Guti, Argenis Brito, Damien of dOP, Sarkis Ricci, Denis Kaznacheev, Mad Dim, my lovely wife and! Amore Entrave’s Andrey (with Y! 🙂 who will be very pissed if I forget to mention him.
Also I’m starting a new label and hopefully it will transform into an event series in the future. It’s name is a statement itself – Respect The Craft.First release is my EP, which should be out pretty soon (it’s almost ready,  6 months and 4 Test Press revisions after. Thank you major labels and your vinyl hype)

And the second release has been sent to pressing and this is our double EP with Ricardo Villalobos under Tricmast moniker.

Tripmastaz remix of Steve Lawler’s “Karma” released on Griffintown Records is out now

Grab it here




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