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His sets travel between minimal, house andtechno, always with efficiency and class to thedancefloor, he gives to each set a ferociouselegance and efficacy, Nicolas gets the rightgroove and the right skills. Resident at the D!Club in Lausanne, his joy and good humor arenot innocent to his reputation.

His mastery of the stage makes him an ex-cellent producer on labels such as GoldenGate, Highgrade, Wiggle, Metroline Limitedand of course on his own label FantasticFriends Recordings. A unique style that mixes percussion, massive bass and right groove withhouse beats are the signature of Nicolas.

His releases receive a massive support from thegreatest dj’s and producers of the moment likeRichie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Anja Schneider and more.Nicolas as recently released (2021) his firstalbum on the occasion of the birth of his sonand that he has obtained massive attention bypress articles notably in Dj Mag, 6AM and FazeMagazine

Nicolas Duvoisin is the artist that delivers the next edition for our podcast.We also had the pleasure to chat with him about music so you can find few questions for him below.The mix is available on our Soundcloud and Youtube channels.

Tell us a bit about this mix? Where did you record it and when?

It’s an exclusive mix for you at recorded in December 2021 in my “Studio D3” Lausanne in Switzerland where I give CAM lessons on analog machines. For this session, I took pleasure in playing less clubbing tracks than usual, some minimal sounds that are easier to listen to. You will find tracks from Cesare vs Disorder, Arapu or Direkt  on labels such as Roche Madame, Rawax or Telum ….

How does your mood dictate what you play?

As a rule, I prepare my sets at the last minute to be as close as possible to the mood I’m going to play in, and as the set goes on I let the feeling between the dancefloor and me settle in. In any case, i’m always almost happy and it shows in my live performance.

Nicolas Duvoisin at Caprices Festival – Photo by Adee

Music aside, what else is keeping you busy right now?

Since 2019, my life as a father has occupied 100% of my free time. I also have a job whose objective is to reintegrate people into professional life. It’s my social side that comes out here in another way.

What have you been busy working on recently (musically) and what else can we look forward to from you over the next while?

Of course, I work every day on the development of my Fantastic Friends Recordings label with my longtime friend Mandarin. More personally, I just finished a new release scheduled for April 2022 on my own label where you will find great remixes by Barac and Vern. I have also just started the creation of my 2nd album, the release of which is scheduled for the end of 2022. And concerning the bookings, you could see me recently at the Caprices Festival. I joined the booking agency DCS4 in Barcelona and I’m a resident of the famous D! Club in Lausanne. A new DJ life after covid !

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