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After 15 years of releasing on the most influential labels in the electronic world, Jean Pierre is now branching out with his own essential new label, Pakate. Sure to become a home for forward-thinking and mature minimal sounds, it kicks off with a vinyl-only EP from FLETCH with two more already lined up for 2021.
Born and bred in New York but now based in Miami, Jean Pierre has been an underground mainstay for many years. His always fresh and innovative sounds come laden with real emotion and join the dots between house and techno. They have come on vital labels such as Play It Say It, Cuttin Headz and Desolat and last year he put out an essential Bandcamp album of thrilling original tunes. 

Jean is starting this label in order to release the sort of music that he feels closest to right now. After many years of working with high-level imprints, he is looking to maintain some consistency in terms of sonic output – both his own and that which he carefully A&Rs from others. 

Says Jean, “One of the most rewarding parts of operating a label is being hands-on with the release schedule and it gives me an outlet to highlight up-and-coming artists that I feel are putting out very high-quality records. We intend to stick with a less commercial vibe with our record selection but they will still be able to be played and received well on the big dance floors.”
Pakate doesn’t have an exact definition, instead, it will become a synonym for high-class club music that is more mature and minimal with unique sound placement and powerful grooves. The first EP is from FLETCH, a red hot UK talent who has released on the likes of Kaluki and Whippin’ Records. His opening tune ‘Actin Up’ is a slick and slippery minimal groove with real depth and freaky sound designs that make it pop. ‘Want Me’ then hits harder, with loopy house drums and squelchy synths all bubbling away beneath soulful female vocal sounds and cosmic synths. 
The first fine remix is from Franco Cinelli who takes ‘Actin Up’ super deep, with punching kicks and rolling bass that gets you in a state of hypnosis., Closing out the package is a Jean Pierre remix of ‘Want Me’ that shows off his ability to lay down stripped back but compelling house grooves with deft sound design and a freaky atmosphere. 
After the first EP from exciting UK talent Fletch featuring remixes from Pierre himself and Franco Cinelli, more music is lined up from The Martinez Brothers, Agenis Brito, Miguelle, Jean Pierre, Jesse Calosso, and David Gtronic. As such, Pakate is all set to be one of the most influential new labels of the year. 

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