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Coming in hot for the next Label Spotlight feature is UK label, Dawn State. The Bristol based imprint has built a reputable status around their knack for curating innovative releases from up and coming producers, and simultaneously some serious heads in the game. Next on the agenda for the DS imprint is UK producer Kid Who with his “Warez House” EP a journey through several moods for the dance floor, and a floaty ambient anthem on the b2. A release that was crafted amongst the realms of the lockdowns in the past years, with Kid Who being able to express himself to the fullest with the open minded label at the wheel…

Where are you based? 

How long has Dawn State been running? And who is involved? 
Dawn state has been running for 4 years. The label is run by Tom Haus and supported by residents Nick Sykes and Kid Who.

How would you describe Dawn State in 3 words? 
Early morning moments

Tell us about your latest EP ‘Warez House’ by KIDWHO. How did the release come about? Any story behind it? 

I was resident for Nick’s party Tiramisu in Bristol when he invited his cousin Louis Jacquet (aka Kid Who) to play at one of the parties.  We built a strong connection immediately, sharing many similar values in life and music, and when I heard some of his unreleased music I knew instinctively that I wanted him to be a part of the label.  That was a couple of years ago and we have stayed close since.

Can you let our readers know about any forthcoming Dawn State action? 
We have a label compilation coming out shortly after DS005, titled “Infinite Connection Vol. 1”.  Really excited to bring together the wider network of artists linked with the label, with exclusive tracks from  myself, Ohm & Merv, Decoder, Bex, Boulderhead, Hannd, Toke, DJ Balduin and many more. More info about this will be coming soon.

Is your label available on vinyl and digital? Is it important to you to do it like this? 
We are primarily a vinyl company, interested in creating physical works that will be rediscovered in the future.  Each release is limited to a one time pressing of 300.  How the music is released digitally is down to the artist, though most of our previous releases are available digitally.  We want our music to be available to whoever wants to listen to it.

Can you give our readers one word of advice if they are thinking to start a label? 
Ask yourself why you are doing it and why your label should exist.  If you are doing it to make a living out of music, then I am not in any position to offer advice.  However, if you are doing it for the right reasons and your label concept is something that deserves to exist in this universe, then go for it.  Create a budget for your first release and if it succeeds you will have money to invest into the next one, and just keep going from there.

Buy Kid Who – Warez House:

Find them on: Instagram / Facebook / Soundcloud

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