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Next on the agenda for the label spotlight series is – MINIM Records. The NYC based minimal label have been pushing innovative sounds since 2015 with some of our fondest producers including Pheek, Dragutesku, Tijn, and Derek Carr. Exciting times for the label as they move closer towards a fantastic release from Ohm Hourani & Gab, the three track “Vicho” EP includes remixes from Jay Tripwire and label founder Ruslan, the vinyl EP will land later this month. Here is our label spotlight of MINIM Records.

Pre Order “Vicho” from Ohm Hourani & Gab (Jay Tripwire, Ruslan Remixes) here…

Hey, Ruslan here from MINIM. It’s a pleasure to converse with your publication and thanks for the invite! 

Tell us how the label started?

I got into electronic music quite early, maybe around 15 years old, being constantly inspired by a few musician friends. The idea to start a record label was floating around since 2000 but never came to fruition until my move to New York. I wanted to release music I loved playing, which was mainly sourced from those same artist’s friends. Then 2015 comes around and MINIM Records was launched.       

How many members do you have in the label? 

I’d like to think that the close family of artists that I’m fortunate to call friends and that orbit around my life, music & MINIM are members of the label, as they are a huge influence in my daily life and the life of the label. We all help each other in some way here and there pass opinions, give advice, or have debates. But on a daily basis, it’s me a one-man band running the show.  

How do you discover new music to release?

It’s capturing the right mood at the right moment really. The search always continues it’s more of an organic thing, part of life rather than a structured process. One day you may find something on Soundcloud or Bandcamp that may impress you, so you reach out to an artist to see if they have something they are holding on to that’s not out there. Maybe you are digging vinyl in a shop or on Discogs find something obscure and go hunting down a producer from the late 90’s early 2000. It could be a friend that may message you saying “you need to hear this”. The point of the story, surrounding yourself with music daily makes this process part of life, and when you hear something that has the right mood you may have that eureka moment when the choice is clear.       

Name three artists you dream to release on the label?
Hmmm. This is a loaded question. I dream of releasing music that I personally have a connection to and enjoy listening to or playing out, as I’m doing already. It’s not really a matter of the artist behind it, for me, the music is what matters the most.

In modern times how important do you think it is to publish releases on digital and physical on vinyl?

Don’t think I want to get into this digital vs. vinyl debate. If digital works for you and suits your needs go for it. For us, it’s vinyl or nothing. You can hold it, you can gift it, you can collect it, you can have a passionate connection with it, you can hang it on the wall or sell it and give it a new home. It’s tangible and that has a special value that music loses when you work solely with digital. 

Which track or tracks are you most proud of releasing?

Going back to that right mood at the right moment I was talking about earlier. This question is impossible to answer. Each track is unique, as unique as my mood. One day I might like one and next, I might like another but the fact is I’m proud of all the releases.   

Who are your go-to businesses for mastering?

There are three mastering services that I have a relationship with. Each service has a particular sound, esthetic if you will that could suit a particular piece of music where the original idea would be enhanced without losing its essence. The decision is made what esthetic would be best. This is in no particular order but Pheek Mastering, In Haus Mastering & Dan D’Ascenzo Mastering are the three mastering services we always use. 

And for distribution?
The label has a great working relationship with our distributor Memoria Music Group, they are based out of Netherlands. We have collaborated since the launch of the label in 2015, they have been awesome to work with since and we appreciate everything they do.

What do you have planned for the next year?

Given the current situation we are all facing, the label is going to take it one year at a time. So let’s talk 2021. We have a very special vinyl release due out January 29th, a single from our dear friends from Montreal Ohm Hourani & Gab titled “Vicho”. The name is a little homage to a Chilean poet, Vicente Huidobro… in chile, “Vicho” is short for Vicente and it also means “bug”. B side features remixes from Jay Tripwire and myself. Other names that will appear throughout the year Rithma, Len Lewis, Grant Dell, Jay Tripwire, Maksim, and more but we will keep you in suspense with the details.       

One piece of advice for somebody looking to start a label? 

Have a deep conversation with yourself, make sure you want this for the right reasons. It takes dedication, passion, time and it’s not easy on the bank account if you do go down the vinyl path. Be ready to work, seriously. If all the right reasons are there, just start!

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