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As part of our new series highlighting labels we enjoy we decided to catch up with Italian imprint NICEPEOPLE, just in time for their release “LOL” from legendary producer Boo Williams (head to our Soundcloud for the premiere of “Backwards Run”). From the get go the Bari based label have dedicated their energy to timeless music featuring a fantastic array of artists including Paul Johnson, Orlando Voorn and Vincent Floyd, and seems they are likely to do so in the following years. Discover more about the label below, how it all started, and the direction they are moving. · PREMIERE: Boo Williams – Backwards Run [NICEPEOPLE]

Thanks for joining us for our new label series here at Nightclubber! Happy New Year, how were the holidays in Italy? 

Hey, Christian here. Nice to e-meet you and thanks for inviting us! 

Well, this year holidays have been very different, I mean we spent all the time at home instead of throwing big parties like we did past years. So, we were lucky enough to stay healthy and spend more time with our families but, on the other hand, it was very sad to see a lot of people suffering in the hospitals or losing their job due to this bad moment.

Tell us how the label started?

The label is the natural consequence of the fact that we didn’t feel 100% represented by the musical scene that our city was following in the last years, so we felt the need to research and increase our own identity.

How many members do you have in the label?

When we started the label, it was only Giuseppe Scarano and me, but we are proud to say that our good

friend Nico Lahs is part of the team from the very beginning, bringing a lot of positive vibes, his experience and talent in the studio that give the extra touch to every release. His advice is always a key part of the process, from A&R to mastering. We’re extremely honoured to know him and consider him part of the family.

How do you discover new music to release?

We use to listen to a lot of music and artists, spanning from house music originators and innovators to undiscovered talents that can perfectly fit what we have in mind at a certain moment, giving an added value to our label. There’s no exact rule for what we release. There’s simply a moment when you listen to something and say: “this is it!”

Name three artists you dream to release on the label?

Well, it’s hard to say since we are already doing what we were dreaming years ago, so we feel so lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to do what we love and what we always dreamt. There are a couple of names that tickle us, but for superstition we don’t want to name them. We just hope one day we’ll be able to announce them as part of our roster.

In modern times how important do you think it is to publish releases on digital and physical on vinyl?

The rising of digital has totally changed music nowadays and, like any big change, brings with it good and bad consequences. So, digital has been a good opportunity for a lot of independent artists and labels to publish their own music and make their names known worldwide easily and faster. On the other hand, we have been submerged by a lot of music that has lost its soul just to follow a 1- or 2-years trend and that probably wouldn’t sell a single physical copy. Honestly, we don’t care too much about that. We always look for quality for both vinyl and digital releases and try to release what we like. We believe that quality music will always be recognized, appreciated and get what it deserves, regardless of whether it is released in digital or physical format.

Which track are you most proud of releasing? 

Answering this one is tough too. It’s like asking a father who his favourite son is. We are equally proud of every track we have released.

What do you have planned for the next year?

We have a lot of things coming in 2021 that we’re looking forward to and can’t wait to announce. But we can say one thing: we’ll make a round trip from Bari to Detroit.

“LOL” available now on Bandcamp:


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