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As we continue our label spotlight series, we shine a light on Moscow based collective, SLOWDANCE as they embark on their first release of the year from cofounder of the label, Finetune. “The Inner Space” LP glides between mellow and unique moods, and will be released in the next weeks. Whether creating parties and experiences in the Russian captial, releasing inspiring music or even festival planning (see below for more…). SLOWDANCE are a team dedicated to their trade, and this shows. Head to the interview below to find out more about the crew…

Tell us how the label started? 

We launched the label a bit later than we started to make parties, release podcasts and make art exhibitions in 2008. At the very beginning we were only two-three people and later in 2012 the crew became bigger. Then we opened our vinyl label, began to make our parties around Europe, make art-performances and develop our local artists. 

How many members do you have in the label? 

For now the label and all parties are established and ruled by 3 people. But we see our project as a big community and real family which contains musicians, artists, djs and performers. For us this is a unique way to be different, exchange experience with people and friends and represent our vision for local and international art and music. 

How do you discover new music to release? 

We listen to the music which people send us, give us at the parties. Always pay attention to the new musicians. Plus we are concentrated on Russian musicians and for us this is a big pleasure to release music made by local artists. 

Name three artists you dream to release on the label? 

I think we still don’t know these artists.. Inspiration from somebody’s music comes spontaneously. Every record we released was a real dream. 

In modern times how important do you think it is to publish releases on digital and physical on vinyl? 

I think it’s really important to release vinyl – the sound, big artwork and also the filing of physical objects makes it really special, but there are also many people who do not have the ability to buy vinyl, therefore releasing digital can help to reach more people with your music. So it really depends on the conception and style of the label. 

Which track or tracks are you most proud of releasing? 

All of them actually. It’s difficult to choose or pick some special.. I like to listen to the whole discography of a label and feel their growth, changes and deepness. 

Who are your go to businesses for mastering? And for distribution? 

Now we work with Yoyaku as a distribution company. We really enjoy working with their team and our friendship started 4-5 years ago so we still keep in touch and continue to work. 

What do you have planned for the next year? 

Now we are working on our own festival – MAP. Which we were unable to host last year. Also we are going to release a debut album by Finetune – The Inner Space and an ep by Bypass – duo from Moscow. Hope the pandemia will end soon and we will have the possibility to plan our european tour, travels and visiting our friends. 

One piece of advice for somebody looking to start a label? 

Listen to your heart and try to make something new.

Slowdance Facebook / Slowdance Instagram / Slowdance Soundcloud

Head to their site:!/tab/15703510-5

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