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Producers working under aliases is nothing new, and although it’s often tempting to speculate in such circumstances, the reasoning behind the projects are typically because the artist would rather we concentrate on the music. So with that on mind, let’s chat here about we do know here. Lore of the Samurai is the pseudonym of a producer who’s evidently well versed in crafting a range of captivating sounds. Released via Dam Swindle’s HEIST label, the producer turns in five expert cuts, each one underpinning their musical excellence. 

Opening track ‘City Loop’ is a real highlight. A house track with a truly classic vibe, it touches on numerous vibes and moods throughout, with its piano keys lending it suspense aplenty. As the press release correctly points out, there’s similarities here to Boo Williams’ always excellent output, and suffice to say, this is no bad thing. ‘Deeper Into Orbit’ retains a similarly jacking ethos, whereas ’Space Designer’ — complete with its off-kilter percussion — is a different but also effective house number.

‘Alpha Base’ is a deep electro cut that pays homage to the Motor City in quite expert fashion, before ‘Justifice’ ends matters on a deep house note that’s complete with expertly filtered chords and a vocal refrain that’s undoubtedly been produced with crowds in mind. With something for listeners of many persuasions on show, the Dam Swindle boys have hit upon a real winner here. On this instance, we’re already looking forward to what comes next. 

Lore of the Samurai’s Out the Door EP is releases 27th August via Heist Recordings. Buy/listen to the release on Bandcamp here: https://heistrecordings.com/album/out-the-door-ep

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