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Scottish producer Modat has earned something of a cult following over the past few years thanks to a string of highly sought-after releases that have quickly become collectors items amongst those in the know. A man definitely on the rise, his latest again comes via his equally-worth-shouting-about Johnny Johnny label, and is another firm example of the man’s undoubted production prowess.

Music for the Contrarian is spread over two vinyl, with each as captivating as the other. Part 1 kicks off with the deep and bubbly sounds of Murkuh Blip, with Somebody offering an interesting foil to what’s come before. A killer track with shades of both garage and old school sensibilities, it’s enticing stuff for sure. ‘Right Back’ is arguably the deepest of the tracks on offer — the kind of track that immediately brings the listener back to Berlin in winter time. As an added bonus, Part 1 concludes with a dub mix of ‘Right Back’ that’s more stripped back than its predecessor.

Part 2 kicks off in sumptuous fashion courtesy of ‘See You’, which rivals Murkuh Blip as the package’s standout moment. Delicate but gorgeous, it’s full of deep, whimsical sounds that instantly transport the listener to a dark, hazy dance floor. ‘So Kind’ is notable for its muffled vocal refrain, which works well against its somewhat spiky aesthetic.’ Bad Eyes’ and its accompanying ‘Warehouse Mix’ sign off in assured fashion, with the producer again rounding off Part 2 with a fitting mix of what’s come before. A dexterous tool that kicks like a mule, it’s indicative of Shed’s more banging work… and helps bring a package of many moods to a fitting close.

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