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The time to reconnect our positive vibes has come. We are allowed now to dance together again, like in the good old times.

Sound Symptoms announces their 1+1 Anniversary which consisting in two parties where artists like Nu Zau, Kozo, Cosmjn, Prichindel will show their unique selections.The first party will be on 30th July, and the second one will take place on 5th September, both in same location in Bow Bridge, London.

Set in the heart of East London, The Bridge is a new hub for underground Live and Electronic music.

“In the last months, we have gathered all of our energy and put together the details for a memorable start of the season. Since last year we couldn’t celebrate our 1st anniversary, we decided to highlight the special moment this summer.For this occasion, we have chosen Bow Bridge London as our host, a venue well appreciated and frequented by us, with a strong history of some of the greatest underground scene parties.The 1+1 Anniversary picture is a collage of fine emotional states, happy feelings and moments, whose pieces are beautifully shaped by the music of our special guests: Kozo, Cosmjn, Dragutesku, Sebastian Eric, Laumee, Sfetan, Magazie.”

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The second part of our anniversary is like a puzzle of beautiful feelings, moments and experiences, which assembles perfectly in the catchy rhythm of the sounds created by the music of our special guests: Nu Zau, Prichindel, Rada, Isam Mellagui.

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