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Jus Ed isn’t just one of house music’s greatest producers, he’s also among its greatest personalities too. Anyone who follows Edward McKeithen on Facebook (or now, Instagram!) will know what I’m talking about, and although he often comes across as a larger-than-life character online, there’s also a fragility to the man that often comes across in his musical output. As likely to turn his hand to emotive deep cuts as he is to produce peak-time flavours, Ed’s Underground Quality label has become as well known as the man himself, thanks to his work and support for artists such as Nina Kraviz, Anton Zap, Levon Vincent and literally dozens more. Here, we profile some of our favourite Ed jams. Jus Ed that is… 

Jus Ed – Come On and Dance (Underground Quality, 2007) 

This one is a bit criminally overlooked, probably because it arrived so early in Ed’s music release career? Who knows. Either way, who cares: you’ve now discovered it and you can thank me later!

Jus Ed – Don’t Stop Da Dah Da (Underground Quality, 2007) 

It was around this period that European audiences began getting down with Ed’s deep house flair, a fact compounded by a Resident Advisor mix of his that appeared in 2008. Europe’s embracing ultimately set Ed on his way to a move to Berlin, a career choice that has yielded massive benefits for both parties. Tracks such as ‘Don’t Stop Da Dah Da’ and its resultant appreciation and underground success surely had a pivotal role to play in all of this. 

Jus Ed – Forgive Me Son (Underground Quality, 2009) 

Elsewhere online this one has been described as an “early morning tear jerker”, and the writer of those words is not far wrong. Ed’s never been afraid to lend an autobiographical touch to his track titles or music, and this homage to his son is as emotional and tender as it gets. 

Jus Ed pres. Nina Kraviz – CPT Time (Underground Quality, 2009) 

So this is essentially a Nina Kraviz jam with Ed on vocals but frankly, it’s still a standout gem in Ed’s back catalogue. Nina Kraviz might be better known for tough-as-nails techno these days, but this one demonstrates that she’s long been a fan of the deeper side too… 

Jus Ed – I’m Coming (Underground Quality, 2010) 

Jus Ed is a DJ who comes from an era where the DJ shouting over the microphone is nothing like as novel as it is today. And few of his tracks capture that raw vibe quite like this one. “I’m comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!”. Also worth checking is the Levon Vincent remix.

Jus-Ed – Deep Grain (Underground Quality, 2010)

Few artists encapsulate quite what it means to go “deep” as Jus Ed. The aforementioned Come On & Dance is a case in point, and so too is this suitably named monster of a track. The B2 on Aybee’s worth checking out Underworld EP on UQ, this one is sure to be appreciated by anyone who appreciates soul-infused house music. 

Jus-Ed – Lost in Berlin (Underground Quality, 2012)

Berlin might be a city that’s embraced Jus Ed (and of course his wife, fellow house soldier Jennifer Mayanja) but it’s also a tough fucking city to live in at times. Ed’s acknowledgement of the fact comes across in this brilliantly vibey cut, dedicated to Berlin’s now defunct Tape Club. 

Jus Ed – Something Sexy (Smallville, 2014) 

Smallville + Jus Ed = Something Sexy indeed.  

Son of Sound / Jus-Ed – I Have You on My Side (Underground Quality, 2018) 

Produced in tandem with NYC house man Son of Sound, this one was a huge underground hit in summer 2018 and pushed hard by the likes of Margaret Dygas and countless others. “My siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide!”.

Keep up with Jus Ed on Instagram and Facebook, keep up with hig gigs on Resident Advisor here… and get down to his party at Tresor’s Globus room when you’re next in Berlin!

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