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Launched on the last week of 2020, TELURIAN was intended as the winning match against an unfriendly year for music and life but it turned out to be more than that. The digipack made it around the world, as most of the sales were made abroad, with copies reaching as far as Australia, Japan and even Africa, showing that the New Romanian Sound is enjoyed everywhere on the planet. The project kept growing and expanding despite the harsh times, slowly building a global network of fans and friends around their rominimal experience.

As part of Zebra Music philosophy, the project TELURIAN was intended from beginning as a super-selection of works they consider to have a certain impact, something to say in music, regardless of the age, the experience or the awareness of the artists.TELURIAN 2 was born in over 40 studios in Romania and around the world, from Argentina to UK, Austria, Azerbaidjan, Colombia, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

“We bow to the masters of the scene while keep on looking for the most original and interesting minimal music in the underground. That’s how and why we had both newcomers and grands on the first volume, in a beautiful flow, and we did the same on this second one.We have selected the best 38 tracks out of a few hundred and looked for originality, innovation, experiment, technicality, flow and melody.

The final tracklist was carefully curated and it represents the current trends in the minimal scene, being attentive to what the big guys are doing but also checking where the underground is heading. Obviously, such a selection is never complete, even if we have added an extra OPUS available on digital format only, and there is always good music out there that we may never know about. But for now, we have tried hard to deliver the highest level in music and artwork and we hope you’ll appreciate it again!”

The 3D ARTBOOK GOLD EDITION DIGIPACK of TELURIAN 2 comes as an 8 pannels Deluxe Digipack with a superb artwork and splendid photos and graphics, for which we have used 3D lenticular printing on the frontcover. The golden-embossed digipack includes 26 tracks on 3 gold-injected CDs (a technology that offers the highest possible fidelity and resistance to corosivity for up to 300 years), a 16 pages high-quality booklet, a collectible card with an unique download code for the digital full version of Telurian 2 in wav format and a printed invitation for you and your friends to visit the Tellurium at the National Museum of Geology (valid until 2025!). All this together inserted in a high-end translucide folio hardcover (for eternal protection) with golden printing, in a one-time-only run of 222 copies. Every single unit is hand-numbered and there will be only 152 units available for sale, so get yours now on or directly order at for only 49 euro plus shipping (RO 55 euro/EU 63 euro/non-Europe 77 euro);

Keep up with Telurian project:

Enjoy the music, stay safe and be kind to people and nature!

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