Timid Boy - Elia & Leo EP feat. Remixes from Per Hammar & Nacho Bolognani (Moan Recordings) 1st November » nightclubber.ro
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French artist Timid Boy is next up for a new set of tunes on the Moan Recordings label. They come set with some remixes from Nacho Bolognani and Per Hammar and reflect the French artist’s current sound. 
Elia is first and is a nine minute house cut that you will not be able to ignore. Well designed, full of style and perfectly executed it is as fresh as you like. Elia (Nacho Bolognani Remix) is more silky and minimal, with wavy grooves and sublime synth work all hypnotising. A second remix from the same artist takes the track into more freaky after party territory. Leo then has crashing hits with a big energy and more powerful drums, then last of all Leo (Per Hammar Dubb) is a garage tinged tune with nice skip in the beats and warmth in the dubby chords. 

There is real depth and musicality to these tunes that stands them right out. 

Grab it here 

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