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Toi.Toi.Musik is a reputable agency, deeply involved into various events around the world and referenced to cardinal locations of the minimal genre for 10 years already. Now, Toi.Toi.Musik announced an exciting comeback to the local scene with a startling collaboration together with Un_Mute Miami, scheduled for 2nd April 2022 at the underground East-London music depot, FOLD. 

As hopes rise for the club scene to return to its normalcy, co-founder Isis Salvaterra has shown her enthusiasm for the event by addressing a warm welcome to their guests and introducing a vigorous selection of artists, closely resembling to her current music preferences. 

Accordingly, Nicky Macha will warm-up the stage, followed by resident Dubtil. Next, the freshly announced guest artist Christian AB will phase in the vibe, followed by resident Junki Inoue.The romanian Rhadoo (a:rpia:r) will thrill with a set that blends a marvelous selection of tracks together with a fine technique of mixing. Finally, the location set up and the distinctive line up of artists will deliver a unique and overall a remarkable minimal experience. 

After 12 hours in the venue, the party will change its location at the regular after’s-hub, Starlane Pizza Bar, where Zach G will take over.

Tickets available at:

Words by: Renata Mogîldea

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