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Parlog Ioana aka Miss I is undoubtedly one of Romanian’s most exciting DJs. Though she operates somewhat under the radar, to those in the know the Bucharest-based DJ and record store owner has long been renowned as a consistent source of incredible music. A regular at scene-defining festivals such as Sunwaves and Mioritmic, she also runs the much-respected Misbits record store, a shop that’s become a sort of central hub for Bucharest’s minimal obsessed. What’s more, her latest endeavour is the Misbits Recordings imprint, a new label that focuses on ambient and experimental sounds which she helms alongside Cosmin Dumitru aka Momentdat. Watch out for the second release on that one soon! Anyway, here’s what happened when we discussed some excellent and somewhat undiscovered tracks of the last few years with her…

D_Code – Forbidden Planet (Affected Music, 2003)

“This track gives me a mood. I cannot describe it right now but it made me wonder how the other tracks sound like from the release. Guess what! Big surprise!! I’ve actually played a lot of the tracks from this record! I am so bad with names, but this is why I love records: because I have a visual connection with them and because it’s easy for me to recognise them. Always super interesting when this happens. You buy a record for one track, play it and after many years later you discover another track on the release!! Bomb! I have this already in my collection!! hihi!” 

Petre Inspirescu – Galantar (Cadenza, 2007)

“To be honest this is not the best track from Petre. There is this sound…which I really don’t like 🙁 at one point with the voice somehow they combine but doesn’t fit for me. But of course who am I to judge? It’s like Petre….Anything that he does has a unique way and I respect him very much.”

Neville Watson – Since U Went Away (Justin Drake’s Insomniac Mix) (Mighty Atom Records, 2016)

“This track doesn’t remind me of much, although I do remember hearing it a looooong time ago. For me, a bit too noisy and probably doesn’t fit my sound”. 

Phone Traxxx – No More Mr. Nice Guy (Phone Traxxx, 2019)

“Do I know this track? Oh wow this track had a huge impact on me the floor collapsed! :)) it was a huge moment!! Alexandra was playing it and it was that moment when u wanna go and one more track.. ok another  and baaam!! I needed a track like that really! It changed me a bit, the perception about the moment tracks, they can transmit so much energy!!! After that of course I had my moments with this track oh…chills only when I remember. The best one was on 2020 NYE in Iasi for Dubla events.”

Loxique – Stereo 16 (Bandcamp release, 2019)

“I know Loxique from some time and I know he is working a lot! I consider him in a pure minimal darkish zone but he has some very good tracks! Like this one! The track itself has a powerful force.I listened the hole track and it’s that sound that leeds to all this crazyness with long events and dark minimal. This track can transpose you into the wood tent at Sunwaves few years ago.. it was this energy from the beats and people, it’s a very special connection between music and people at this festival :)” 

Arapu & Gescu – Morning Stuff (Bandcamp release, 2020)

“Oh wow I even didn’t know about this track. Well.. it’s good that the guys are working! Imagine now that you’re at SW after sunset..or morning, or night! full tent dooh! :)) It’s also quite an entertaining track with those voices and chords”.

Mihai Pol – Space (Bandcamp, 2021)

“I really respect Mihai as an artist/producer and everything he does. He is one of the guys who has built his own sound and has also had a nice ascension. This track for me is a bit simple; I like the voice but probably in the mix with something else you can work it out. He has a lot of music this guy! I’m glad that he is following his heart 🙂

Keep up with Miss I on Facebook and be sure to check Misbits’ site here

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