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Release eight on Intelligent Sound comes from deep groove disciple, vault. His work is filled with tickling percussion and cleverly layered melodies, wrapped in grabbing, jagged textures. This two-track EP is at once radiantly bright and deeply emotive, fitting perfectly as the newest chapter of Intelligent Sound’s rapidly growing book of beautiful, deep minimal and microhouse.

The first track, cœur brisé, is a gradual, effervescent journey. Subtly evolving pads rise over a bed of broken kicks and skippy, slung hats as the playful bass elicits a gentle sway. Bright, stab-like leads provide a stable base as the listener is taken through a patchwork of digitized textures, glowing vocal rises, and playfully granulated keys.

Next, deep within opens with an unapologetically punchy groove punctuated by swung toms and swampy, subtle acid. An arpeggiated flute wanders, building tension as the track lurches toward sweet relief offered by an emotive vocal. The balance of the track maintains its contemplative air through a series of well-placed risers and guttural modular granules.

This comprises some of the finest work by this rising star, and isn’t one to be missed.

vault.’s “Convalescence” can be purchased on the Intelligent Sound Bandcamp here.

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