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As a DJ, producer and label head at hedZup Records, WLAD has made an ever bigger mark on house music in recent times. Now he backs that up with a lovely album, KISS, featuring collabs with the likes of Oden & Fatzo, iO (Mulen), Luca Donzelli, De La Swing, DJ Steaw, Mancini, MADVILLA, Project89, Theos and KONG.

Across all the tracks here, plenty of fresh house styles are explored, all of them classy and colourful and ready to make any dance floor bounce. Korean BBQ proves that from the off with its slick, high speed drums and shimmering chord work. Señor Espresso is a little more direct and physical as WLAD and Luca Donzelli lay down tight, banging 909 drum sounds. Elsewhere there are cosmic tech house explorations such as Blackout from WLAD & iO (Mulen), and playful sounds with off kilter samples and flutes on WLAD & De La Swing’s Let’s Dance. 

The second half of the album brings tough edged and hardcore house from WLAD & DJ Steaw’ Culture Club, while the track with Mancini – Early Bird – is an airy and light one that has nimble drum programming and a coy, catchy sense of funk. WLAD & MADVILLA’s Nu Phase has jostling drums and balmy pads which take you on a loopy rollercoaster, and WLAD & Project89’s Won’t Let You Down then ends on another bit of irresistible house music, this time with deep kicks and serene comic chords lighting up the sky. 

This album very much proves what all the hype is about with a man like WLAD. 

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