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The London duo best known for their minimal sound open up on their processes for getting through this testing time…

Damian Daley and Danny Dixon are OdD, a London-based duo who’ve attracted a passionate, almost cult-like following in the minimal techno scene since their inception in 2011. Seriously talented musicians, the boys’ sounds have become collectors items among fans of discerning and unpredictable techno jams. But don’t be fooled: there is far more to these two than simply cutting-edge minimal. In that regard, they’re just as likely to perk up with solid house and techno cuts, which goes some way to explaining the many labels they’ve repped, including their own (OdD Music, Tapes of Old) and imprints they’re close to, such as Infuse, Moscow Records, Sol Asylum and Sports Records. 

Most recently, the boys have been busy populating their Bandcamp page with literally dozens of their productions over the years; some released, some previously unreleased. So if you want to check in with what this duo have been up to, we highly recommend you dedicate a few hours of your day some time soon to diving deep into their discography. One thing we can state with some assurance is that you’re likely to find something you’re into. And something that’s definitely likely to leave an impression on you, too. With the lads (like the rest of us) in lockdown right now, we decided to check in with them to see what they’ve been up to and see how they’re handling the situation… 

What was your initial reaction to the coronavirus pandemic? And when did it start to feel serious for you?

Our initial reaction was sadness when we first heard about the outbreak in China. However, it really hit home when the news started to report the number of cases and deaths in Italy. We have lots of friends over there so it was worrying to say the least.

Naturally, everyone is worried about their finances now. Have you looked at any more creative ways to make money? 

Luckily our next two releases on OdD Music Records are about to come out on vinyl… as well as having prepared a serious amount of music for Bandcamp to release during this lockdown. Hopefully we can generate enough to get through the pandemic. 

Overall, how have you found the isolation period? Have you found it a good time to be creative? 

We are making the most of this time to focus our skills on the business side things, and our social media as we spent most of last year creating music. 

Are you a duo whose mood (or indeed, the mood of the world) affects how you approach making music? 

Most definitely. All our music is based on feeling, mood, vibe, or a personal situation one of us could be going through, both happy and sad.

Have you helped out with charity during this time? Are there any causes particularly close to your heart who you think deserve a shout out right now? 

The first thing we did was donate a big bag of clothes to the homeless, as we are aware they are a part of society that get forgotten so easily. We would like to shout out to all the mental health charities and the individuals doing their part to help people in need. We are fully aware that in times like this our mental health is affected with so much uncertainty.

Has working out been an important part of your routine? If so, how have you adapted to working out at home? 

Always! A healthy body and healthy mind is crucial to get through this… We ride our bikes, go running, do home workouts. As gyms are closed we have used this opportunity to strengthen our Callanetics exercise routines.

Do you think the electronic music industry (and the world in general) should take lessons from all this? What do you think those lessons are? 

One humanity, one planet. We can’t move forward unless we move together. Love is the only thing that will get us through this.

Are you a politically-minded individual? What’s been your take on how the government where you are has adapted to the pandemic? 

The world is run by politics so you have to take this into consideration in life. Our Government should have been better prepared for something like this in regards to protocol. However, they have reacted well under immense pressure. It’s still early days so let’s hope they manage to keep their word.

Do you think humanity will emerge better from all of this?  

We hope we come out with more compassion for each other, but it could go both ways, of course. As long as we look out for each other we will get through this. However, if people are selfish with resources then life could end up like the movie “Mad Max”. Let’s hope it doesn’t play out like that. 

Can you provide us with three pieces of music (from any genre) that you feel best sum up (for you) the current situation? A few words about why they resonate with you right now would be great.

We’ll give you four! 

The Specials – Ghost Town  

The UK feels like a ghost town In comparison to before the spread of coronavirus. So this one’s an apt one. 

Bob Marley – Natural Mystic 

With all the different conspiracies surrounding coronavirus, Just listen to the lyrics and why we choose this song will make sense.

Michael Jackson – Earth Song

The visuals of this track show the earth undoing the destruction man has made. Is Covid 19 the earth sending us a message? 

Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Thru This (DND EDIT) 

On a lighter note, we think the track title speaks for itself right now. 

Keep up with OdD on Resident Advisor and Facebook and check their Bandcamp here

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