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Swedish imprint Seaweed Records is finally releasing their new sub-label, Seaweed Rhythm with their first EP coming from Zlene & Mathias Hinds. Their dubby and atmospheric minimal house track sets off the tone just right and it includes two remixes from Rowlanz and Per Hammar.

“Djup Trolling” takes the listener on a real journey, with its soothing pads and smooth frequencies but also with the use of organic percussion. Always interesting, the evolution of the track keeps us intrigued and interested throughout. British producer and RLZ label boss Rowlanz provides a different approach, using subtle but powerful synths to induce us into a dream-like state. Dirty hands founder Per Hammar provides us with a bass driven track heavily focusing on the hypnotic atmospheres which fit astoundingly to provide us with a combination of sensations. 

The label is inspired by Sweden’s nature and marine life, with their studio beautifully situated by the Baltic shore. They show their appreciation of nature by using the ocean as a source of inspiration and using organic recordings either of ocean waters or its surroundings. This has become a tradition and a theme for their productions. What’s more, Seaweed is also providing 50% of all their digital sales to various water wildlife foundations and projects. We can all appreciate how important it is to keep our planet clean and healthy considering the damage that has been caused mostly by humans. What better way than by supporting your artists and nature at the same time?

zlene & Mathias Hinds ‘Djup Trolling’ (featuring remixes by Rowlanz and Per Hammar) is out 18/02 via Seaweed Rhythm. For further information on Seaweed, check their website here

Words by Bisz

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